Review: Bishop's Queen by Cristin Harber (Titan #9)

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Bishop's Queen is the latest full-length novel in my favorite ongoing romantic suspense series, Titan, from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cristin Harber. Bishop O'Kane is one of the newest members of the Titan Group and was originally introduced to readers in the novella that came before this novel, Live Wire, along Locke Oliver and Jax Riddle, both of whom make appearances here as well, though Locke was more prominently featured than Jax--who appeared to be somewhat of an ass. Bishop's story is a second-chance romance he shares with his first love, Eloise Lewandowski. The end to their relationship years ago came even before they went their separate ways, having both been in the same car that was involved in an accident that took the life of Bishop's sister Brie, who also happened to be Eloise's best friend. They meet again but Eloise is no longer the same girl Bishop loved...

Being a part of Titan is a dream come true for former Army Ranger Bishop O'Kane, and he's excited to start his first assignment with the team. Tasked to play bodyguard for an internet celebrity and crusader for animal rights and environmental preservation, the last thing he expects is to lock eyes with his ex. Except his ex is the celebrity he's been contracted to protect. But Eloise Lewandowski is now Ella Leighton and it's obvious that the years they've spent apart have made them into different people. Bishop may not fully comprehend the woman before him, but he has a job to do it and he intends to do it well, especially when it becomes increasingly clear that Ella's stalker is no longer playing games meant to taunt. As the days pass, this stalker wants Ella to fall to her knees. In a proverbial game of chess, Bishop needs to figure out this stalker's next moves before he or she captures Bishop's queen--Ella.

It took me longer to get into Bishop and Ella's story than it did any of the others that came before it. I think a lot of it had to do with my not being able to fully connect with Ella, who, for all her passion when it came to her cause, came off as detached, at least as far as I was concerned. Bishop, on the other hand, was an easy guy to root for, bringing with him this balance of protective warrior and sweet guy. The story line concerning Brie O'Kane was heartrending, and both Bishop and Ella weren't able to lean on one another in the aftermath of the accident, leading to go in whichever direction was farthest from the other. By the halfway mark, I was fully committed to their story, and even though the identity of the stalker is divulged early, I was still highly interested in seeing how Titan would put a stop to him or her. Bishop's Queen gets 4.5 stars, and I cannot wait to read Locke's story up next! ♥


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Date Read: 29 October 2016

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