Review: Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn (Stroked #3)

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I don’t give it a second thought, my hand grips the back of her neck, and I pull her in for a kiss, our mouths melding together, our love being sealed. This moment. Right here. This will forever be branded in me, the day my girl first tells me she loves me. Just like the day Noah Calhoun kisses Allie on the dock, the rain pouring down on them, this is my fucking moment, in my best friend’s pool with peering eyes watching over us.

Olympic medalist Hollis Knightly dives into everything and anything with his whole being, both literally and figuratively. He's the best there is in the sport of diving and he's fully committed to it. His best friends may wonder if that's the reason why he isn't exactly known for taking advantage of his fame by scoring any girl he wants, but Hollis has always been the relationship kind of guy. He also hasn't recently met a woman that's tempted him...until, that is, he meets Melony, hair and make-up maven. His attempts to woo her, however, are brushed aside, but Hollis is determined to get Melony to give him a shot, no matter how resolved she may seem to make it appear that she's unaffected by his efforts. And that's exactly the problem: Melony wants Hollis just as much as he wants her, but Melony doesn't do relationships and she has deeply rooted reasons why. Will Hollis prove that he's worth the risk?

Damn it. I want to be Hollis Knightly's fudge nugget! What is it with the men of Meghan Quinn's Stroked series that has me drowning in drool? Umm...okay, wait. That sounded really icky. Seriously, these guys--Reese King, Bodi Banks, and now, Hollis Knightly--are three of my favorite male main characters this year. They also happen to be perfectly paired with their respective women--Paisley Macarro, Ruby Hearts, and Melony...yeah, she doesn't have a last name and not in a Beyonce kind of way; more of an it-was-never-mentioned way (unless I completely missed it in all three books)--and while each one had issues to deal with, there was just no possibility of them not making it to their happily-ever-after, not with at least one in each couple determined to make the other see just how meant to be they are. Melony gave Hollis a run for his money, but I loved his persistence in showing her she was it for him.

With that consistently perfect balance of humor and angst, Meghan Quinn gives another five-plus-starred effort with the third and final (nooooo!) Stroked novel, Stroked Hard. I know the books are promoted as standalone sports romances, but I'm highly recommending that you read them in order--Stroked (Reese and Paisley), Stroked Hard (Bodi and Ruby), and Stroked Long (Hollis and Melony). The three stories do overlap at particular points and they do read well individually, but there's nothing quite like the reading experience you get when you read the entire series, which has now become one of my all-time favorite sports romance series to date. Don't ask me, however, who my favorite among the three water waders. That would be like asking me which between shrimp and bacon is my favorite. Just read the books, each of which I gave five-plus stars to and all absolute rom-com gold. ♥


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Date Read: 05 November 2016

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