Review: All Fall Down by Geneva Lee (Gilt #3)

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"I know you have a lot of reasons not to believe. And I know it might take you a lifetime to heal from all the terrible things that happened to you. But I'm going to be there for that lifetime. I'm going to spend every day reminding you that good things can happen. That it's okay to believe and to hope and to have faith in other people." 
"What if I can't?" I ask in a breathless voice. I don't have a successful track record when it came to blind trust. 
"Baby steps, Duchess." He reaches out and brushes his knuckle under my chin. "Start with me. Have some faith in me. We'll go from there."

Emma Southerly has a lot weighing on her, but instead of turning to the young man who has unexpectedly stolen her heart and become her strongest ally, she runs from him, believing the distance is necessary until she gets the answers she desperately needs if there is any hope for her and Jameson West to move forward together or to remain apart. Could finding out the truth about who she is help her figure out who killed Nathaniel West? It seems that the more she investigates, the more she realizes that there are people who are tied to him and may have had motive to commit murder. Emma keeps her friends close and her enemies closer as she collects her clues and stacks them all together. But even as she gets answers to different questions, she's still reaching for the one connected to the murder of Jameson's father. Can Emma figure it all out before everything comes crashing down?

Oh, Geneva Lee. You played me. You played me well. All Fall Down is the third and final book in the Gilt series from bestselling author Geneva Lee and it's one that I've been itching to read ever since I finished the first two, By Invitation Only and Sin Never Sleeps. I wanted answers and while I had to wait three and a half months to get them, they were so worth waiting for. But it was the most awaited one--the whodunit question--that, when answered, I was left gobsmacked. I didn't, for the life of me, see it coming, so you can imagine my absolute shock. I may as well have shredded my list of suspects. This review is short because I don't want it to be too detailed. From evil genius to maven of mindfuckery, Geneva Lee gains a new title with this series ender: the Duchess of Fictional Deviousness. The Gilt series goes down as one of my favorites for 2016 and All Fall Down earns itself five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 10 November 2016

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