Review: Sin Never Sleeps by Geneva Lee (Gilt #2)

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"What do you want, Duchess?" he asks, reading the silence in my eyes. "the moon, the stars? Say the word, and I'll give them to you."
"You," I whisper. "I only want you." 

In my review for By Invitation Only, I called bestselling author Geneva Lee an evil genius. This time around, I'm bestowing upon her a new title, that of maven of mindfuckery. I have all these theories littering my brain about who murdered Nathaniel West and who The Dealer may be and what the motive may be behind the crime and what could be motivating the anonymous online persona to keep tabs on certain members from the Belle Mére area. The actions of some are suspect, especially when those who were once sinners suddenly try to pass themselves off as saints and vice versa. Sounds cryptic and ominous, does it not? I read the two currently available books in this Gilt series back to back so my book hangover is twice as intense. There are new revelations made in this sequel and instead of answering lingering questions, inquiring minds are left with even more queries. Part of me screams "It's not fair!" while the other grumbles "Damn it. I'm stumped." So, I think that new title fits Geneva Lee rather nicely.

Emma Southerly ends up in Palm Springs with her mother and stepfather as she recuperates from the injuries she sustained after her unfortunate "accident" while Jameson West deals with charges filed against him by Emma's father. Emma wants nothing more than to return to Belle Mére to be by Jameson's side. Her parents don't want her to continue pursuing a relationship with him but Emma's feelings for the guy who consumes her every thought are too present to pretend they don't exist. Jameson changed her life, but darkness and uncertainty loom as the police tries to find out who killed Jameson's father. Then there's The Dealer. Who is the person behind the moniker and the not-so-random postings of photos of Emma and Jameson as well as an unprivileged few who were at the party the night Nathaniel Jameson was killed? Emma tries to looks for clues while Jameson tries to keep her safe. Someone's after one or both of them, and time may be running out. Can Emma figure out all those dirty little secrets before it's too late?

You hooked me with By Invitation Only and you're reeling me in with Sin Never Sleeps, Geneva Lee. I'm waiting to be filleted and fried (or baked or steamed if you're feeling more health-conscious) with All Fall Down. I am officially addicted. I can't get enough of this series or the two main characters. I don't suspect their involvement in either the murder or the photo postings as much as I did in the first book, but for all I know, the author is merely lulling me into a sense of complacency so it's best that I maintain my oft-high level of paranoia so conspiracy theories may abound. Emma and Jameson's relationship has leveled up and there's this alluring mix of simplicity and complexity in the sweetness and steaminess they exude when they're together. This ends in an equally evil cliffhanger, and now, I'm left to ponder questions, come up with scenarios for book three, and count the days until its release. Sin Never Sleeps didn't allow for a wink of sleep in the wee hours of the morning, but damn, my bleary-eyed state was so worth it. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 27 July 2016

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