Review: Trouble Walks In by Sara Humphreys (McGuire Brothers #2)

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In high school, Ronan McGuire had the attention of any girl who turned his way...except for the one he always wanted but Madolyn Morgan never seemed to want him back. She was in a relationship for nine years before she tragically lost her firefighter boyfriend. Maddy wanted nothing more than to start fresh and not have to deal with the memories she once shared with a significant other. She moves from her hometown of Old Brookfield to New York City and the one familiar face amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis is none other than her best friend's soon-to-be brother-in-law, K-9 police officer Ronan McGuire. Maddy and Ronan foster a comfortable friendship, but there's an underlying attraction there, one that Maddy is afraid to explore and Ronan is unsure of how to venture into. The upcoming wedding of Ronan's oldest brother and Maddy's best friend will have the two of them paired together as best man and maid of honor, respectively, but will it also give them to chance to explore their own feelings for each other? Just as their relationship looks more and more promising, Maddy's life is put in danger, forcing Ronan and his K-9 partner Bowser to find her before the West Side Ringer makes Maddy his latest victim.

Gavin McGuire was a hard act to follow in Brave the Heat, the series starter and one of my favorite reads from last year, but the next in line in the McGuire brood seems to have done quite nicely doing so. Ronan McGuire may have a reputation for being a ladies' man and can come off as being cocky and sure of himself, but there's so much more to him than all of that. He's one of the best at what he does--creating a mutually trusting bond with his bloodhound partner Bowser--is a good son and brother, and has proven to be a caring and reliable friend to Maddy Morgan ever since she moved to the city. I really liked the easy friendship they shared and how it wasn't necessarily about Ronan trying to get Maddy into his bed or for Maddy to use Ronan as a distraction. What they had felt real and honest, so when they did start considering having something more romantic and intimate between the two of them, I got why there was a struggle. After all, the intensity of Ronan's feelings were new to him, never having felt anything even close to them with any other woman, and Maddy felt guilt over wanting another man other than her late lover and partner. The playful banter and teasing were as real as the sexual tension and passion they exhibited.

The romance aspect of the story gets two thumbs up, but the suspense angle is nothing to scoff at either. there's a serial killer who appears to be targeting women in the real estate industry and it was easy to come up with a suspect in the beginning. But then another suspicious character would appear and then another. By the middle of the story, I had three on my list and I was jumping from one to the other, although I do admit that there was one that really stood and for reasons that I won't get into because then you may end up figuring out who I'm talking about while you're reading the book. He ended up being my prime suspect and I was proven right, along with what I believed was his motivation for the crimes he committed. I also need to point out just how much of a scene stealer dear Bowser was. I'm a sucker for a canine serving as more than decoration in a story and I adored Bowser from the minute he started sniffing and making his presence felt. There's one particular point in the book that I felt my heart squeezing painfully in my chest because of the furry sweetheart. Ronan, Maddy, Bowser, and the rest of the McGuire clan made Trouble Walks In such a great, five-star read that I finished in one sitting. Now patiently waiting for the next one... ♥


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Release Date: 02 August 2016

Date Read: 31 July 2016

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