Release Blitz: Holding Out for a Hero by Codi Gary

Holding Out for a Hero
(Men in Uniform #3)
by Codi Gary
Release Date: November 8, 2016

About Holding Out for a Hero
He wasn’t looking for love…

Two years after the death of his wife, Sergeant Blake Kline is still hurting. He isn’t ready to date, but whenever he stops by his local diner and sees the friendly smile of his favorite waitress, he feels a spark of true happiness again. And when her life is unexpectedly threatened, Blake discovers his feelings for her might not be as platonic as he thought.

She was holding out for the hero of her dreams…

Bookworm Hannah York has always been a hopeless romantic—preferring book boyfriends to blind dates—and she’s been day-dreaming about Blake since the moment he came into her diner. She’s convinced they’ll never be more than friends…until Blake kisses her and “weak in the knees” becomes more than just a line from her favorite romance novel. The closer Blake and Hannah get, however, the harder he fights to keep her at a distance.

But forever has a way of sneaking up on you…

When their blossoming relationship takes a complicated turn, Blake will have to face his past…or risk losing Hannah forever.

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About the Men in Uniform series
The men of Alpha Dog, a second chance program for at-risk teens, work hard and play hard. And when it comes to protecting the women they love…nothing stands in their way.

I Need a Hero (prequel novella) - Date Released: October 20, 2015
Sergeant Oliver Martinez joined the military to serve his country—not plan parties. But after a run-in with his commanding officer, Oliver is suddenly responsible for the Alpha Dog Training Program's upcoming charity event. Worse, he's got to work with the bossiest, sexiest woman he's ever met—who just happens to be the general's daughter.

When it comes to military men, Evelyn Reynolds is not interested. And with the opportunity to launch her new PR firm at the charity event, she doesn't have time for some sexy, arrogant jerk with a hero complex. Evelyn is determined to keep things professional—if only she can ignore how Oliver's muscles fill out a t-shirt and the infuriating way he makes her heart pound.

But when tempers flare and a scorching kiss turns into so much more, Oliver and Evelyn will have to decide if this attraction is forever…or just for now.

One Lucky Hero (book one) - Date Released: June 7, 2016
She was looking for a little fun…

Violet Douglas wants one night where she can be normal. Where she can do something for herself and not be just her sibling’s guardian. So when she spies a tall, dark and sexy stranger, she’s ready to let her wild side roar. The last thing she expects is to see her one night stand one week later, when she drags her delinquent kid brother to the Alpha Dog Training Program. 

He wasn’t looking for a commitment…

Sgt. Dean Sparks is used to keeping women at a distance, and yet he can’t resist Violet’s snapping wit or smile. So when he suggests a friends-with-benefits arrangement, it seems like the perfect solution to their undeniable attraction. No emotional entanglement, just mind-blowing sex.

But with their lives becoming more and more entwined, Dean realizes that casual isn't enough for him anymore. And as Violet finds herself leaning on Dean in a way she never has, will her fears put more distance between them? Or can she let go of the past, and take a chance on happily ever after?

Hero of Mine (book two) - Date Released: August 16, 2016
Danielle Hill used to live on the wild side, until a surprise pregnancy forced her to get her act together. Now her whole life revolves around her young son, and she will do anything to keep Noah’s heart protected, even if it means avoiding the Marine who makes her want to be oh so bad…

Tyler Best loves his family, his friends, and his life, and he plans on living it to the fullest after nearly losing it. But Tyler didn’t bank on running into a beautiful blond with blazing green eyes and temper to match his. Tyler always thought he wasn’t ready to settle down, but Dani and Noah make him rethink his playboy ways…

Only just as these two start to build something, a shadow from Dani’s past comes back to haunt them. But Tyler will do anything to keep her and Noah safe…anything.

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About Codi Gary

An obsessive bookworm, Codi Gary likes to write sexy contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she's not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows, and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family.

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A Q&A with Codi Gary
1. What was your inspiration behind the Alpha Dog program in particular and the Men in Uniform series in general?

My sister had just become a foster parent and with all the stories I was hearing about kids getting lost in the system, it killed me. I had read an article that kids who had pets were kinder, and better socialized than kids who didn’t. My agent, editor and I were on the phone and we started talking about animals and how much I loved them and then hot guys and suddenly, we came up with this community outreach program run by the military. And six months later, I actually found a similar program in Southern California, which was pretty cool.

2. If the series were made into a movie, who would you want to portray the roles of Oliver Martinez and Evelyn Reynolds, Dean Sparks and Violet Douglas, Tyler Best and Danielle Hill, and Blake Kline and Hannah York?

Karen Gillan - Violet
Candice King - Dani
Cobie Smulders - Eve
Holland Roden - Hannah

Brant Daugherty - Oliver
Channing Tatum -Dean
Greg Finley - Tyler
Barry Sloane - Blake

3. Among Oliver, Dean, Tyler, and Blake, who would you marry, have a one-night stand with, keep in the friend zone, and could never imagine spending time with?

I’d marry Oliver, have a one night stand with Tyler, keep Blake in the friend zone and couldn’t imagine spending time with Dean (not true but this was soooo hard!)

4. Among Evelyn, Violet, Danielle, and Hannah, who would you go to for advice, ask to babysit your kids, run to in order to do something sneaky, and could never be friends with?

I would go to Violet for advice, ask Hannah to babysit, do something sneaky with Evelyn, and could never be friends with Danielle (not true, I adore her!)

5. If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why? 

I would be a PUG cause they are such adorable happy dogs.

6. Who is your hero and if you could say anything to them, what would it be?

Mindy Kahling is an amazing woman who has broken through genre biases and slays me with her humor, genius, and fashion! If I ever met her, I’d tell her all of that!

7. What's the greatest lesson you've learned as an author?

I have learned that the only thing I can control in my life is the story, and to push the rest of it aside and just write.

Thank you to Codi Gary for answering my questions so quickly and to Emily Homonoff for facilitating.


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