Review: Real Fake Love by Pippa Grant (Copper Valley Fireballs #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

Reading a book penned by Pippa Grant always seems to do my heart and spirits good, with the latest one being the second novel in her Copper Valley Fireballs series. Real Fake Love features Luca Rossi, professional baseball player who doesn't believe in love and marriage, and Henrietta Bacon, self-published romance novelist who's been jilted five times too many. You'd think neither of them would have anything much in common, but Henri wants to learn how not to fall in love, and if there's anyone who can teach her, it's Luca. On the other hand, Luca needs a fake girlfriend to get his grandmother from pestering him about getting married and having a family of his own. She's put herself on a moratorium on falling in love and he's vowed to never walk down the aisle, so there's no chance this fake relationship can turn real. Right?

Hilarity ensues, and like a fine wine in a box, it's perfectly matched with heart and heat alongside baseball and animals Pippa Grant-style. Fair warning: If you plan on reading this book in public, don't be surprised if people give you looks when you start laughing out loud. But hey, with this pandemic we're all having to live with, the chances of you being surrounded by people in a public place are slim--I hope! Luca and Henri were a blast to get to know. You'd think that there was no way these two would click together, BUT THEY DO! There's a slew of shenanigans that they and several supporting characters find themselves in, and all I had to do was sit back and bask in the awesomeness of it all. And yes to the mascot pick! There's nothing fake about the love I have for Real Fake Love. The rom-com feels here are real. Five stars.


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Release Date: 03 September 2020

Date Read: 03 September 2020

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