Review: Fragile Hearts by Amber Kelly (Poplar Falls #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.

Amber Kelly's Poplar Falls series has easily become one of my favorites this year, and it's all thanks to the fictional Colorado town and its residents that this author has created. I love small town romances, and in the short amount of time that this series has been around, I find myself excited each time I know a new release is coming. Now, we're four books in and my enthusiasm for all things Poplar Falls has yet to wane. The fourth book continues the friends-to-lovers theme, only this time, our main characters go from being acquaintances to boss and employee to friends and--spoiler alert, okay, not really--lovers. 

Fragile Hearts is the story of Bellamy Wilson and Brandt Haralson. She's just graduated with a double major in environmental and animal sciences in Chicago and is spending some time back home on Stoneyridge Ranch while waiting on word about her dream job in Denver. He made the move with his mom from Portland, Oregon to Poplar Falls, Colorado last year to take over the veterinary practice of the lone vet in town and needing to make a change after tragedy struck three years ago. When Bellamy volunteers to help Brandt out in the office while his mom goes on vacation, the two not only form a good working relationship, but they forge a great friendship as well. She even does her bit when it comes to making over his fixer upper of a "new" home". The two bond and the underlying spark flares to life. With fragile hearts like theirs, can they risk heartbreak?

The top three things I loved about this book are the same three things that I love about the three previous releases: the romance, the friendships, and the family ties. Bellamy and Brandt's romance was one that happened naturally, with them getting to know each other as co-workers and then as friends before they decided to act on their mutual attraction. She's just come from a relationship that could have possibly ended better and he knows all about loss and guilt and how those feelings linger even years afterwards. So, they were a tad gun-shy, him more than her, and their were challenges because of that. Then there were the friendships--hers were years-long and set in stone, and his were just beginning, what with him being a newish transplant to Poplar Falls while the rest of the guys had more history. As far as family went, these two were blessed. I finished this book in one sitting, and there's almost nothing I could complain about, maybe other than the whole job situation late in the story because the reason it came about felt like it was out of left field. Having said that, I still adored Fragile Hearts and can't wait to read even more romances from this little Colorado town called Poplar Falls. This receives 4.5 stars.


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Date Read: 12 September 2020

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