Review: When You Come Back to Me by Emma Scott (Lost Boys #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Valentine PR.

"I don't know how I made it through all the days until this one."

Awestruck. I am awestruck by this magnificently written story of love, acceptance, and family. When I speak of love, it isn't just the romantic kind, and when I speak of acceptance, it isn't merely the kind one hopes for from others. As for family, not all those who are tied together by blood are the ones we consider family; sometimes, the strongest of bonds are the ones forged between strangers who share a kinship--those who are lost and find not just themselves but far more when their paths intersect with life-changing individuals and they have experiences that change the trajectory of all of their destinies.

When You Come Back to Me is the second novel in the Lost Boys series from the brilliant creative artist that is Emma Scott. Over two-thirds of the book takes place over the same timeline as the series starter, The Girl in the Love Song, only this time, we see some of the events from the perspectives of soon-to-be eighteen-year-olds and incoming high school seniors Holden Parish and River Whitmore. Holden's the wealthy transfer student who's estranged from his parents, and River's the star quarterback whose mother is dying and who's weighed down by his father's unfulfilled dreams of a professional football career. Both boys are about to push each other outside of their respective comfort zones, and while there's already so much standing in their way, their biggest obstacle is themselves.

Oh, my heart. My poor, battered, and bruised heart. Goodness, but how Emma Scott put it through the ringer, but then that's par for the course. Still, she never fails to soothe it and make it thump with satisfaction and happiness by the time I reach the end. Having glimpsed the tension and connection between Holden and River in the first Lost Boys book, I had a feeling that nothing would come easily to these two, and I was right. How my heart ached for them as they struggled with their circumstances, both past and present, and how it felt as if they had no other choice but to make do with their lot in life. They would take steps forward and back, and every single step saw me urging them on.

I remain wholly invested in this series, with each member of this unlikely trio of friends deserving a life filled with love, peace, and happiness. Holden and River endured and overcame quite a bit in order to get to the point where they believed they deserved to their happily-ever-after. Maybe not at the same time, but their story is a reminder that the truest kind of love accompanied with trust, faith, hope, and patience finds a way and prevails. When You Come Back to Me is Emma Scott's latest five-plus-starred literary masterpiece, and you would be remiss if you do not read it as soon as humanly possible.


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Release Date: 27 September 2020

Date Read: 27 September 2020

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