Review: Stay by Jessica Frances (In Midsummer #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

This series is one of my favorite reading addictions this year! We're three books in, yet my adoration for Jessica Frances's In Midsummer series has not waned a single iota. The small town of Midsummer may seem like a picturesque setting, but it isn't exactly a cityscape, which is what thirty-year-old social media influencer Conner Sherwood has been used to all his life. Yet he's definitely found himself a reason to stay longer than he'd originally planned, or make that several reasons. He and the town's sheriff, thirty-five-year-old Rocky Green, have finally decided to make a go of their relationship, but it looks like they've gone from agreeing to seriously date to playing house. Conner adores Rocky's ten-year-old daughter, River, but after Rocky's ex-wife leaves her baby in their car, their would-be family has expanded. Then there are all those prank calls the sheriff's office has been fielding. Oh, and did I forget to mention Rocky getting shot? Yeah, life is NOT boring in li'l ol' Midsummer, Arkansas. 

I love how far Conner and Rocky have come in their relationship and how they've evolved into the people they are now. The Conner and Rocky from the first book would so not have been ready for everything that was thrown their way in this third one. They truly have formed their own close-knit unit with River and Ryder as well as their strong ties to the community itself. The romance aspect of the story is as great as ever, with lots of humor and snark thrown in to balance out the challenges these two are forced to face when it comes to the mystery and suspense aspects. Speaking of the mystery part, I was absolutely taken by surprise by all the revelations that came to light in this book! One in particular has me hoping that whatever needs more ironing out will be done in the fourth book because it's got a Christmas theme, and well, Christmas and family, you know, plus I have high hopes for another furry companion (yup, I said ANOTHER) to be introduced. Yeah, I'm wholeheartedly smitten with this series and characters, and I can't wait for more. Five stars for Stay.


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Date Read: 11 September 2020

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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I appreciate your support of this series. I hope you'll enjoy the next book just as much! <3


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