Release Blitz: Cocky Hero Club: Batch Seven by Various Authors

Cocky Hero Club: Batch Seven
Brash Boss by A.S. Roberts
Bitter Edge by Ariana Rose
Tough Customer by Erin St. Charles
Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco
Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs
Eligible Ex-Husband by Marie Johnston
Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues
Sexy Seaman by Paige Steele
Reckless Rebel by TC Matson
Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks
Release Date: September 13, 2020

About the Cocky Hero Club: Batch Seven
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward's New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.

Brash Boss by A.S. Roberts
Ruthless, unstoppable, downright relentless.
I know what they say about me,
And they're right.
I’m Vegas, mafia royalty. I deal with business the only way I know how, arrogantly.

But, in life listening to the matriarch of our family is really all that matters.

However, settling down,
Getting married,
And playing it straight,
Just isn't me.

But what Nonna wants,
Nonna gets.

The roll of the dice,
The flip of the cards,
I love it all.
The risk,
The chance,
The odds.

Which is why I'm here again,
In over my head,
Drowning in debt,
With no clear way out.

But when a sexy, commanding mob boss makes me an offer.
I can't refuse.
After all,
It can't be that hard being married to the Brash Boss. 

But deals struck over money should never involve the heart...

Bitter Edge by Ariana Rose
He was sent to put my body and dreams back together. Were they things I even wanted anymore?

Spencer Broten was a pain in my backside from the moment we met.

I was conned into going on a road trip with him. Within hours, I was realizing he wasn't just my trainer. He was much more.

This unnamed, unplanned winding road turned into us getting to know each other as we truly were.

Two broken bodies, two broken souls finding out we were more the same than different.

The line between hate and love is a bitter edge.

Outside or Inside.

Where will we land?

Tough Customer by Erin St. Charles
Dear Ida,
The arrogant man at the dry cleaners made my bad day worse.
So, the last thing I expected was for him to offer me a job.
I shouldn’t have accepted—not if I wanted to maintain my sanity.
But the allure of a big paycheck overpowered my reservations.
Now, I know he’s just as infuriating as a boss as he was the first day we met; yet, the sparks that fly between us are far more than on a professional level.
The more time I spend with him, helping him secure investors for his new restaurant chain, the harder it is to ignore the attraction between us.
Playing with fire, you’re bound to get burned.
And this man has seared himself into my soul.
Tell me, Ida, is there hope for our future, or is it impossible to really please this Tough Customer?

Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco
It was just a typical manic Monday until the blue and red lights flashed behind my Harley. The cop who pulled me over was good-looking, if you’re into clean cut guys with expressive eyes. He was also cocky and gave me three tickets.

One for speeding.
Another for blowing a light.
And the third for not producing an insurance card.


When he finally let me go, I realized I was more than an hour late for my first day as an intern for the infamous advice column, Ask Ida. 

So much for trying to be the only one in my family with a legit job. 

Lucky for me, my new boss, Soraya, didn’t fire me on the spot. But that’s where my luck ran out.

A couple of weeks later, in between fetching coffee and finding the missing paperclips, I received a text message from my dad, the president of the Corrupt Hellraisers MC, ordering me to the compound.

Yeah, try explaining that to your new boss.
Hey, I’ve gotta go. Everyone in my family is a criminal and we’re all on lockdown.

You’re fired.

Sure enough when I arrived at the clubhouse, everyone was in cuffs and the jerk who pulled me over was the one ushering my father out of the clubhouse.

They say you never see the bad guys coming.
Well, I didn’t see the cocky jerk coming either.

Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs
Is it possible to crush on a voice?

My favorite thing to listen to is Juniper Love’s podcast show, Go, Sports!.  Hearing her uninformed, teasing commentary on every game she watches makes me laugh—even when it’s my team she’s talking about.  I might be her biggest fan.

I thought Troy Tipton was just a nice guy with a gorgeous smile.  Until I learned he was a fan-favorite NFL star quarterback.  The same one gracing magazine covers with his irresistible dimples.  The same one I mock on my show.

When we start dating, the explosive chemistry we share is impossible to ignore. But can we keep our opposing careers from ruining what we have before we even begin?  Or will we let them destroy everything good that’s between us?

Eligible Ex-Husband by Marie Johnston
The man in the magazine spread, the one dubbed the most eligible bachelor, is my ex-husband. 

Six months ago, Simon’s company was never more successful, just like our marriage was never emptier. I was a stay-at-home mom with a sugar daddy who had no time to pass the sugar or be a daddy. I asked for a divorce and he let me go, just like that.

Now I’m mending my broken heart and finding myself while being a strong role model for our girls. But when my mom gets sick, I need help, and he’s there like a superhero in a tailored suit. And when my mom recovers, he’s still there, doing grocery runs and braiding our girls’ hair.

I don’t want to hang my hopes on my workaholic ex just because he’s suddenly wearing basketball shorts instead of designer threads, or because he’s giving me that look that melted my heart in college.

Chemistry was never our problem. I don’t want to trust that he’s changed only find out that once again I’m not worth fighting for. He needs to prove that he’ll be as ruthless about us as he is in the boardroom. 

Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues
The king and queen of romance—Jenna Watson and Lorenzo Graham. The "dirty duo" that makes you swoon, gets you hot and then melts your heart with the happily ever after.

Two newbie authors, one sketchy Instagram DM, a few phone calls, a drunken live video plotting out our next best seller and then BOOM!

Trending and on the radar of every publishing company in the industry, we make it—together. A best seller list, two literary agents and we're cruising by for the next year...until we don't.

Writer's block hits and Lorenzo and I are forced to finally meet face to face, retreating to a cabin in the woods all weekend to bang out our next big hit. I don't think our agents wanted us to bang out each other but that's what happens. Over and over again on every damn inch of that cabin. Turns out those sexy scenes that Lorenzo writes have nothing on his real moves.

One weekend and then we'll go back to being work partners, except nothing is the same. It'll never be the same.

Sexy Seaman by Paige Steele
I’m sick of following suit, doing everything my dad thinks I should. I’m my own woman, and I know just how I’m going to prove it. I went through six years of college to earn my master’s in business to please him, while I wanted a degree in interior design, so I worked my tush off and received my bachelor’s in that too. Now that I’m twenty-four, I’m going to do a one-eighty in my life and take a job I never saw myself doing, just to please me. It really can’t be too hard to serve food to people, make beds, and use a feather duster…can it? I’ll be sailing away and forgetting all my worries. Or so I think, until I look up to see the sexy captain, with his white hat on, step in front of me and I meet Reed Nichols. 

Growing up while traveling the open seas made my decision to take over the family business the easiest one I’ve ever had to make. After four years in college taking accounting classes, I went after my true dream…a captain’s license. I always knew I’d follow in my father’s footsteps; I just didn’t think it’d be this soon. Right before he passed, he asked me to do just that and I’ve never looked back. Right now, my life is perfect, just the way I want it. I run the company my father founded and drive a million-dollar yacht every day. I pick and choose who lies in my bed, and I’ve never allowed anyone there for more than a night or two. No one has ever kept my attention any longer than that. Then I look down to see the long legs of a cabin stewardess walking toward my boat and I meet Maci Foster. 

Reckless Rebel by TC Matson
Trusting others means taking risks, and that’s hard for me to do.
I mean, when your mother abandons you as a child, you’re left with scars.

I’m not reckless.
I’m not wild.
I play by the rules.
It’s safer that way.

Or so I thought…

Catching my boyfriend cheating on me confirmed every reason I’d kept my heart guarded.
But being kissed by a sexy-as-sin stranger in front of him proved how little I was in control.
It was passionate, electric, and it rocked me to my core.
He stole my breath but replaced it with anger.
I stormed away without so much as a name exchange.

When our paths cross again unexpectantly, he refuses to let me go this time.
He inserts himself into my life so much, he becomes hard to ignore.
He makes me feel alive and pushes my limits.
He’s everything I’m not.

But he’s hiding something. And those secrets threaten to shatter me right along with the trust I’ve started granting him.

I’m a tattoo artist. My life is fast, hard, and exciting. Just the way I like it.

I’m reckless.
I’m wild.
I’m a rebel.
I live life on the edge.

My life was a revolving door of fun and women until a jaw-dropping beauty caught her man cheating on her.
All I could think about was making sure he realized his mistake…and rubbing it in his face.
I laid a kiss on her to rival all others.
But I wasn’t prepared for the kiss to knock me to my knees as she stormed off without giving me her name.

When I run into her again a few weeks later, I’m determined not to let her go.
The more I get to know her, the more I want her.
And the more she’s around, the more she realizes I come with secrets.
Ones I share with no one. Ever.

Her trust issues won’t allow me to keep things to myself.
It’s either bare my secrets or risk losing the only thing that makes me truly happy.

Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks
A past shrouded in secrets.
Memories tainted by lies.

One look and Ford Hammersmith was mesmerized,
Haunted by amethyst eyes.
Obsessed with a woman he doesn't remember… yet can't forget.
The mysterious Callie Rose holds the secrets to his past,
The key to his future happiness.

His soul ravaged by the echo of love lost,
The heartless bastard will stop at nothing to reclaim her heart.
A cruel twist of fate brought them back together,
Will a decade of pain and betrayal keep them apart?


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Brash Boss by A.S. Roberts (coming soon) | Bitter Edge by Ariana Rose (coming soon)
Tough Customer by Erin St. Charles (coming soon) | Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco
Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs (coming soon) | Eligible Ex-Husband by Marie Johnston (coming soon)
Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues (coming soon) | Sexy Seaman by Paige Steele
Reckless Rebel by TC Matson | Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks

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