Review: Gabriel Fallen by K.A. Tucker writing as Nina West (Dirty Empire #2)

Note: A review copy was provided by the author via Valentine PR & Literary Management.

When I read Sweet Mercy last year, all I knew about Nina West was that she had previously written The Wolf Hotel, a series that came highly recommended by several trusted blogger friends. Fast forward a year later, and I found out that Nina West is actually a pseudonym for none other than bestselling author K.A. Tucker! Color me surprised! With 2019 being the life-changing year that it turned out to be for me, I totally missed out on reading Gabriel Fallen, the book that follows Dirty Empire series starter Sweet Mercy. Well, I'm making up for lost time and playing catch up right before the release of the upcoming third book, Dirty Empire, due on September 15th.

Just a quick note: The books in this series MUST be read in order. That being said, I may mention something in this review of mine that could inadvertently turn out to be spoiler-like for anyone who has yet to read either or both of the currently available books. So, feel free to skip my review and go check out the books. Moving on, Gabriel Fallen picks up where Sweet Mercy left off. Mercy Wheeler has made a deal with the devil, the devil being Gabriel Easton. Will it cost more than she bargained for? Will there be anything left of Mercy when Gabriel is done with her?

Gah! That ending! I know that it's only a few days before the third book is released, but that's a few days too long for me! I need to know what happens next, but fine, I shall endeavor to be patient. There are more bits and pieces to Gabriel that are revealed in this second book, and the "fallen" part in the title has to do with his feelings for Mercy. There's more of a progress, as well, as far as their arrangement is concerned, but that cliffy of an ending has me desperate! Gabriel Fallen gets 4.5 stars.


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Date Read: 11 September 2020

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