Review: Imagine with Me by Kristen Proby (With Me in Seattle #15)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Valentine PR.

Imagine with Me is the fifteenth book in the With Me in Seattle series from Kristen Proby, and it's got a bit of an enemies-to-lovers feel to it. Shawn O'Callaghan and Lexi Perry are both writers--he works on screenplays and adaptations while she's a bestselling author. When the film rights to Lexi's book are bought, Shawn is the one tasked to adapt the novel into a screenplay. From the get-go the two of them have their creative differences, and the increasing tension makes for a less than pleasant working environment. But there's a whole 'nother kind of tension that simmering between Shawn and Lexi, and when the two of them in even closer proximity in Shawn's home, there's no pretending how strong the connection between them is. By the time they write "the end" on the screenplay, will it also mark their end or could it be just the beginning of their forever?

My introduction to Kristen Proby's writing came by way of Come Away with Me nearly seven years ago. This was the first book in her With Me in Seattle series, and here we are, at the release of the fifteenth book and I'm still as hooked as ever to these stories. Every single one is interconnected, and while you could try to read each of them as standalones, nothing quite beats following these family members and friends as they find love in Seattle, Washington. I enjoyed Shawn and Lexi's story, what with all that tension that happens to be between them. There's a lot of back and forth, which naturally, makes for some entertaining moments. We also get pop-ins from previous couples in the series, and that always turns out to be one of my favorite things when it comes to reading a continuing series like this. I'm giving Imagine with Me four stars and can't wait for more.

Date Read: 30 September 2020

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