Review: Will by Kerry Heavens (Not Your Average British Romance #2)

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“It isn’t the right time, but I need you to know. I’ve been feeling it since you came back, more and more every day. I just look at you and I don’t know how to say it. I know I feel it, I feel it bone deep. You have me tongue tied when you have me in the palm of your hand. It might be too soon and you don’t have to feel the same way, but I have always loved you and I just wanted you to know.”

William Middleton may seem like your average bloke, but there's a side to Will that he doesn't share with anyone. Not his the girl he loved but left, not the cousin whom he's closest to but would like to smack upside the head every now and one. He thinks that side of him would immediately label him as a "freak" and he doubts he'll ever find anyone who'll understand him. But then he does, and she's none other than the girl he left behind years ago, Margot Goldsmith. She's still as gorgeous as ever--and just as wealthy, if not even more, and that simply highlights the reason he left and why he's stayed away from her. Will isn't good enough for someone like Mags. She's better off with some guy from the peerage, ready to ride in and take Mags away on his mighty steed or something similar in those romance novels women like to read. But then Will spots one particular novel--an erotica written by Gigi King in the hands of his cousin who goes on to explain exactly who Gigi King is...Mags Goldsmith. What Will discovers on those pages opens his eyes and plants a seedling of hope within him. Could it be that Mags gets that side of him he's never confessed to, the one that he's afraid may drive her and everyone else away? Can Mags give Will what he wants--what he needs--even if it means falling for the same guy who once broke her heart?

Two books, one series, and they're completely different from one another, from the stories they tell to the main characters that live them. Both have lived up to being Not Your Average British Romance, but Spencer is nothing like Will, and that's a good thing, because they're both extraordinary reads but are able to distinguish themselves from each other. We've got the same foursome present in both books--cousins Will Middleton and Spencer Ryan and best friends Mags Goldsmith and Jazz Parker--and while we do get a continuation of sorts as far as Spencer and Jazz's story is concerned, this sequel was, for all intents and purposes, about the second chance romance between Will and Mags, and it was a sizzler. There's always been one particular scene I've fantasized about reading in a book and hello, Kerry Heavens made my wish come true with this second novel in this series, and she saved it for last. Gah! I squeed with delight before it started and was grinning and blushing like the naughty Catholic I am. But this wasn't all about sex, people. This was a story about the restoration of trust, something that went bye-bye after Will walked away from Mags and their relationship because of his insecurities, and I swear, I wanted to give the guy a hug because those insecurities weren't just limited to his thing with Mags but in other aspects of his life.

I liked that there was one flashback that basically explained how the end to Will and Mags's previous relationship came about because that's all it took to let readers know what needed to be known. Yes, there were bits and pieces of explanations and reasoning (cough, excuses, cough) but there was nothing excessive. We get why they broke up but the focus really is--and should be--on how they get back together and that there is nothing easy or simple about that journey. Even the new aspect their sex life has taken on compared to how things were the first time around allows both Will and Mags to discover the new versions of themselves, or maybe we can see it as the version of themselves they weren't ready to divulge and explore back then. I loved these two together, and while they were a study in contrasts to Spencer and Jazz, I would be hard-pressed to choose which one I liked better. That wouldn't be fair because they're distinct yet equally adorable. What I will say is that there was one particular supporting character in this second book that caught my attention and all it took was one kiss. Yep, that one kiss now has me crossing my fingers and toes that he'll get his own story told later...and I can wait for as long as the possibility is there it'll happen (paging Kerry Heavens!). Will is far from average. My five-plus-starred rating says so. ♥

“You are the only person I have ever loved. It killed me when you went away and I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself feel that deeply again. Then the moment I saw you in that pub, I knew that my whole carefully constructed plan to guard my feelings would be shattered. Because I still love you.”

Date Read: 07 November 2016

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