Review: Ride with Me by Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele (Hellions Ride #7.5 & Ravage MC #5.5)

Note: This review is only for the first part of the Hellions Ride and Ravage MC crossover novella, Ride with Me, but it will be edited once the second part has been read.

Drexel "Rex" Crews and Caroline "Lux" Milton have finally gotten over the hurdles of their relationship and are happily in love and living the life they've wanted--together. She may have a ring on her finger, but Caroline is excited for the wedding to finally be put together so that she can officially be married to Rex and be his ol' lady. Rex is ready and willing to make dream of a New York wedding come true, and he'll get a handle on it once the latest club run is behind him. While he's gone, however, Caroline begins to think about the importance of family and what the Hellions MC means to both her and her man. When he returns, Rex may be in for a surprise of a lifetime.

Caroline and Rex have come so far as individuals and as a couple, and this epilogue to their love story was the perfect thing for their tale of triumph and tribulation. As always, there are those lighthearted moments, and I honestly couldn't stop myself from snickering like an immature teen whenever Rex told Caroline he was hard, but if you've read about these Hellions, they're softies on the inside. I loved that this remains consistent with the series arc of love, family, and brotherhood. This also sets things up quite nicely for the eight book about the Hellions originals. This was a wedding with that Hellions feel and a subtle deluxe touch, just like Rex and Caroline. Five stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 November 2016

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