Review: Originals Ride by Chelsea Camaron (Hellions Ride #8)

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I’ve loved, and I’ve lost. I’ve conquered, I’ve killed, and I’ve barely survived. Everything has been from one up to the next down, but I’ve never done it without my woman in my heart and my brothers at my side. The Hellions will always ride together with life, love, and the freedom of the road to soothe everything that burdens the soul. Ride until I die, love with all I have until I have no more, and damn sure remember family is a never ending circle of love and loyalty that lasts a lifetime when you get it right.   

The closer we get to the end of the series, the more these stories get to me. Maybe it's because I've gotten to know the characters better over the span of several books, but this eighth one was pure genius in terms of story. The Hellions motorcycle club started in 1980 with four founding members: Blaine Reklinger, Tommy Fowler, Rhett Perchton, and Richard Billings, otherwise known by their road names of Roundman, Rocky, Danza, and Frisco, respectively. Originals Ride is the story of what inspired the creation of the Hellions MC as well as the strengthening of the friendship among the three guys from Haywood's Landing--Roundman, Rocky, and Danza--and the guy from California, Frisco. The love stories they share with their women--Claudia (aka Dia), Marie, Mary Alice, and Matilda (Tilly)--and how one relationship came to an end. We see the men before they became a brotherhood, and we see how things are presently. This may be a short read--well, short for me--but it packs a punch and Chelsea Camaron added twists and turns and brought the whole thing full circle and I so loved every single bit of it.

This book, without a doubt, is Chelsea Camaron at her best. In a limited number of pages, she was able to share the rich history behind this storied motorcycle club. I confess that I had a favorite couple among the four and that was Blaine and Dia and if you're a fan of the series and you've read the books in order, you already know the outcome of that love story. However, to see what they went through and those letters Dia wrote...I didn't just tear up. I cried. Some may think that this should have been the first book or served as a prequel novella. I actually feel differently. I think it works best right where it is in the series, and that's right before the final book. We're more invested in the characters and learning how everything began and the ups and downs they faced as individuals, couples, and as a club, made Originals Ride a far more endearing read. I have a feeling that I'm going to be shedding even more tears when I read Final Ride. It took a while for me to get into the series, and I've loved some tales more than others in Hellions Ride, but don't doubt how I've grown to love the club, this family. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 November 2016

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