Review: One Ride by Chelsea Camaron (Hellions Ride #1)

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One Ride is the first novel in the Hellions Ride motorcycle romance series from bestselling author Chelsea Camaron and it introduces readers to members of the club, not just those in the mother chapter of Haywood's Landing, North Carolina but even the ones from surrounding chapters, especially in Catawba. Book one is about Hellions princess Delilah "Doll" Reklinger, the twenty-five-year-old daughter of one of the founders of the club and the current club president, and Talon "Tripp" Crews, the thirty-three-year-old president of the Catawba chapter. Tripp sees Doll for the first time and is immediately attracted to her, but the second he realizes she's his president's only child, he knows any fantasies he's beginning to form in his head are a no-go. Distance is all that's needed and since he's set to return to Catawba, he won't have to cross paths with the woman he knows is going to be difficult to get out of his head. But when Doll's life is threatened and her father puts Tripp in charge of her safety, they're in for one hell of a ride that could either end so miserably or be the beginning of something neither one was looking for.

This was a pretty good start to the series, with introductions to club members and the women they're bound to get paired up with as the series continues. Doll and Tripp did a lot--and I mean A LOT--of back and forth here, and I confess that it got really frustrating at times. There was even one point that, had a man done that to me, especially after we had already gotten together and everything was still very much up in the air between us, I would have done something far more violent than what Doll did to Tripp. He was constantly holding himself back, believing that he wasn't the kind of man that could give Doll the kind of life she deserved, not with his biker lifestyle. But even as Doll reiterated time and again that she, above so many others, understood what it was to be a Hellion, she would also do things that seemed more retaliatory but almost as if it were after the fact. As far as the actual story line regarding the individual after Doll in particular in order to get to the club, it was more of an afterthought, which was actually a bit of a disappointment, personally speaking. Editing issues aside, One Ride garners 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 01 November 2016

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