Review: Merciless Ride by Chelsea Camaron (Hellions Ride #3)

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The Hellions Ride series continues with the third installment, Merciless Ride, with author Chelsea Camaron giving us the story of single mother and Ruthless waitress Tessie Harlow and Hellions brother Andy "Shooter" Jenkins. When Tessie finds herself stuck in the parking lot of the bar she works at, she puts a call in to a Hellions ol' lady and a particular brother is the one that's said will be coming to help her. That same brother was supposed to be Drexel "Rex" Crews, the man Tessie has waited for years to see her as more than a ready hook-up. But it isn't Rex who shows up to rescue her from car trouble; instead, it's Shooter, another Hellion from the Catawba charter. When Tessie is viciously attacked and assaulted in the stock room of Ruthless, it's Shooter, once again, who's there to save her from the perpetrator. He then insists Tessie's attacker be brought to justice, Hellions-style, but that would require claiming her as his property--to make her his ol' lady. Tessie never imagined being claimed by a biker, what more a Hellion other than the Rex. With a rival MC and a big secret, Tessie and Shooter are in for a merciless ride...

This third book was a far better one compared to the first two in the series, not just in terms of story but in terms of characters. Tessie and Shooter are an unlikely couple, what with their limited interactions whenever he happens to be in the bar where she works. When she needs help, however, he's the one who's there for her, and even with his demons, Shooter is clearly a good guy, one who puts Tessie first, unlike fellow Hellion Rex, who, I'm sorry, was one major jackass for a good part of this installment. He does, however, make up for his bad behavior close to the end. Now, as far as that secret I mentioned, well, hello, I was in for a shock, because I didn't see it coming until the revelation was right there in front of me. In hindsight, all the secrecy finally made sense, although I didn't agree with the motivations behind it nor did I fully realize just how long the whole pining thing was going on. This had an engaging story, one that made me want to cheer both Tessie and Shooter on, and their pairing was unconventional, yet it seemed to be why they worked out in the end. I'm giving Merciless Ride 4.5 out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 November 2016

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