Review: Heated Ride by Chelsea Camaron (Hellions Ride #7)

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Heated Ride is the seventh installment in the MC romance series from Chelsea Camaron entitled Hellions Ride. Jenna Natera has loved her brother's best friend since she was nine and now at twenty-eight, she and thirty-two-year-old Hellions MC member Ruben "Ruby" Castillo are happily married with their three children. She is Ruby's "Vida"--his life--and she's never doubted his love for her and their life together. That is, until cracks begin to appear in what everyone believed was a rock solid marriage. They've come a long way from their time back in their home country of Mexico, and while Jenna believed that theirs was a strong relationship, it appears that Ruby feels as if something is missing. When they're left with no other choice but to go their separate ways, Jenna knows she needs to get herself together, if not for herself than for her kids, because she's preparing for life without Ruby by her side.
And while Ruby thought it was best to be completely honest with his Vida, he had no idea what life would be life away from her and their family. Will it be too late for Ruby to re-claim them or will they have an unhappy ending?

Ruby and Jenna Castillo have been a fixture in the Hellions MC series since the beginning, so while I was surprised that theirs was the story being told here--especially since they were already married and happy with their three children--I became quickly invested in the outcome. Both Jenna and Ruby haven't had it easy, but they've been happily together for a decade. Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed happily-ever-afters in life, and when challenges to their marriage come their way, this husband and wife Hellions are forced to choose between holding on and fighting for their love or letting go and granting the other one the freedom they seek. I admit that there were a couple of times that I wanted to smack Ruby for his utter mishandling of the rift going on, but I think that this gave Jenna the opportunity to come back to herself, because she was losing the woman she was before she became Mrs. Castillo and the mother to Maritza, Mariella, and Ruben Junior (aka RJ). The additional story line regarding Jenna's brother made for a good suspenseful twist, which helped make Heated Ride a five-starred read. ♥

Date Read: 09 November 2016

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