Review: Forever Ride by Chelsea Camaron (Hellions Ride #2)

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Forever Ride is book number two in the Hellions Ride series from author Chelsea Camaron and features the Hellions motorcycle club and its chapters in the state of North Carolina. This takes place soon after the events in the series starter, One Ride, which saw twenty-five-year-old Hellions princess Savannah "Sass" Perchton deciding to turn her back on the only world she's ever known and thirty-five-year-old Hellions MC Road Chief Frank "Tank" Oleander in a coma after having been shot several times while going after the man who was threatening the club and the daughters and women of the club's Originals. Sass and Tank have been the closest of friends for many years, and Sass has been patiently waiting and hoping that the time would come wherein Tank would finally be able to commit to something more. Unfortunately, their first time together ended up being their last and it was one of the last straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. Sass has moved on with a new guy, someone as far from a Hellion--and Tank--as possible. Will it be too late before Sass realizes that once a Hellion, always a Hellion?

I didn't like Sass. At all. She bitched and complained about what life as the daughter of a Hellion member was like and how she couldn't be with a brother from the club since that would mean the club would always come first. That's like biting the hands that feed you and she just came off as an ungrateful brat. I got why she wanted to distance herself from Tank in the first book, but she thought she deserved better in terms of her entire life, and I'm not saying it isn't okay to want "better" but the context here was her making it seem as if being a Hellion was "worse". She allowed herself to be molded into this woman that was acceptable to the man she was now with, but was that honestly better than being than what she had before? Yes, she realized how wrong she was, but it was like it took forever and she just kept taking everything this man was throwing her way, not speaking up even when she knew he was wrong. It was frustrating and my irritation towards her just got progressively worse. Tank, however, made up for his former jackass ways, and he and the rest of the MC were Forever Ride's saving grace. Three stars. ♥

Date Read: 02 November 2016

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