Review: Final Ride by Chelsea Camaron (Hellions Ride #9)

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"The man makes the cut, not the cut makes the man."

For decades, the Hellions motorcycle club have established themselves as a club that is a cut above the rest. The club is all about family and family has always come first for its members. They protect their own, no matter what it takes.  Secrets have been kept, and lives have changed because of them. Richard "Frisco" Billions was the California Kid, the nomad from San Francisco who found himself in Haywood's Landing in North Carolina and become one of the four originals--the founders of the Hellions MC. When he finds out that he has an eighteen-year-old daughter named Shannon and that she's been raised within the confines of a rival club that has cost him and his brothers more than was right, Frisco knows his life is about to change yet again. He may be twenty-four years older than Amy Mitchell, but for years, he's watched her evolve from victim to survivor, and now, at thirty, she's the one temptation that he's finally allowing himself to give in to. It isn't a mere physical thing either. Frisco's heart belongs to Amy and she knows and accepts the club life. But does Shannon accept it as well? Changes are on the horizon for the club that Frisco and his brothers and their ol' ladies have cherished and nurtured for years. Some changes will be more difficult to live with than any others, but together, these men and women will ride as Hellions for life. 

Damn it. I knew this last book was going to make me cry. Gah! I hate you, Chelsea Camaron! Okay, I don't really, but crying leads to me getting my poor nose all stuffy and my eyes all puffy, and then there's all the explaining why I'm all weepy. Sheesh. But this. This! Goodness, I wish I could aptly explain why Final Ride, which is indeed the series ender to the author's Hellions Ride MC romance books, led to tears and sniffles, but I can't because it seriously would spoil the story for those of you who haven't read it yet. I know that each book us supposed to be a standalone of sorts, but trust me when I say that you won't be able to appreciate the stories these characters tell if you don't read the books in order. They aren't long stories, either, so you won't feel as if ten books is too many for you to get through. I read these one a day and while they share certain similarities, they're different enough to stand out. This was a roller coaster type of a reading experience but one that, when I look at the Hellions Ride series as a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm actually hoping that we get a series about the next generation of Hellions someday because my curiosity is piqued. Final Ride may not be perfect in terms of form, but I'll choose a book that makes me feel--and boy did this one ever make me feel!--over an error-free one. Five-plus Hellion stars. ♥

"Ride until we die, brother. The originals begin and end with you."


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Release Date: 15 November 2016

Date Read: 14 November 2016

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