Review: Eternal Ride by Chelsea Camaron (Hellions Ride #4)

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Eternal Ride is the fourth book in author Chelsea Camaron's Hellions Ride MC romance series. It's novella in length but boy, did it pack a heartwarming punch. This picks up some time after the events of Merciless Ride and still features the same main characters, Andy "Shooter" Jenkins, Hellions MC member of the Catawba chapter, and Tessie Harlow, single mother to Axel Crews and ol' lady to Shooter. A marriage proposal was made--and accepted--in the previous novel, and here in the novella, Shooter is simply waiting for Tessie to decide when they're finally going to get hitched. He doesn't want to rush her but he can't wait for the day where she'll carry his name and they'll have children of their own. Tessie, though, has never really imagined herself as someone's ol' lady, what more tying the knot with someone, but now, she's sure of one thing: she wants to spend eternity with her Hellion.

This one had me grinning in all the right places and tearing up in all the others. This was sweet and sentimental and I feel was the perfect extended epilogue to Shooter and Tessie's story. These two had gone through so much in Merciless Ride and reading about their plans and how it was really more about the marriage and not the wedding was quite touching. Little Axel and his father, Drexel "Rex" Crews, provided some lighter moments in the story and I loved how Rex has matured in a lot of ways and has become responsible dad to Axel--Hellion style, of course. My favorite moments in the book both had to do with Tessie's mom, the first involving a heart-to-heart conversation Tessie has with her while getting ready for the wedding, and the other with Shooter right before the actual ceremony. And the wedding itself? Le sigh. Loved it! Eternal Ride is my favorite Hellions Ride story so far. Five stars. ♥

Date Read: 04 November 2016

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