Review: Tru Smoke by Edie Danford (Ember Peak #1)

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Confession time: I've never met an actual cowboy before. Sure, I've read about them, watched them on television and in movies, and cowboys actually exist over here, but I've never spoken to one or even come across one. With as many cowboy and Western romances that I've read in my lifetime, I can't help but feel I'm missing out. And now, with my whole addiction to M/M romances and now this new novel from Edie Danford about an actual cowboy and the young man who's been in love with him for years? Well, I'm beginning to seriously consider either making a trip to a place locally that has a cowboy or two or make sure I visit a state with cowboys the next time I'm in the United States. Yup, Tru Smoke, the first novel in the Ember Peak, which is set in the Larkin-owned Ember Peak Ranch in Colorado, has me contemplating about cowboys and other stuff inspired by the story of Tru and his Jones.

Jones Hudson was only five when he and his mother first moved to Ember Peak Ranch, the place where she would work and that they would also call home. It was then-nineteen-year-old Truitt Larkin that helped Jones find his footing on the ranch, and whether it begun as hero worship or maybe a childhood turned teenage crush, Jones fell in love with Tru. Unfortunately, it took a bit of convincing before Tru would take Jones to bed, and it resulted in an unforgettable week in Chicago. But Jones was a junior in college and only twenty-one and Tru made it clear that whatever they shared would have to end. They would continue to remain friends, but Jones had other plans and it would be three years before their paths would cross again and Jones would make his way back to Ember Peak for the wedding of his mother. Tru notices how much Jones has changed, but will the outcome of their time change this time around as well, or has Tru actually realized that his hectic life is far more full and fulfilling with Jones in it?

Gah! Tru was truly frustrating at times. The man clearly loved Jones, but it was almost as if he was afraid of acknowledging those feelings, fearing what they would mean for both of them and if Jones would regret being with Tru down the line. I couldn't help but admire the patience that Jones had, because seriously, you'd have to be patient to wait for as long as he did for Tru, and even when they went from being friends to lovers, you couldn't actually say that they were fully committed to each other, in that they were going to be and stay together with a sense of permanence. These two had a lot stacked against them, from the fifteen-year age difference to their nearly ends of the spectrum financial differences, but instead of focusing on the differences and why they shouldn't work, Tru needed to see what was right in front of him and how they both could find love and happiness and work through whatever else was standing in their way. I adored these two together and can I just say that the dogs earned definite bonus points? I'm also looking forward to more Tru and Jones soon! Five stars for Tru Smoke. ♥

Release Date: 03 November 2016

Date Read: 03 November 2016

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