Review: Spencer by Kerry Heavens (Not Your Average British Romance #1)

“My heart has no opinion on this matter and it never will. Spencer Ryan is not a man you fall in love with. He’s a man who can rock your world for as long as you can resist the urge to stab him. And when the urge finally gets too much, you walk away before you get yourself a criminal record.”

Have you met Spencer Ryan? Oh wait. Not just any Spencer Ryan. THE Spencer Ryan. The man inspires a frenzy among his female followers with a mere 140 characters and his tweets are retweeted and liked the second they're up on people's timelines. Yes, @TheSpencerRyan, with his 4000-plus followers flooding his timeline and sending him endless direct messages, wields his online presence with the same cocksure attitude he's had for quite some time. But you see, Spencer's a tad bored. It's the same thing day in and day out. So, when he's tagged in a tweet with @OMGJazzyP, he's curious. Soon, that curiosity evolves into interest and without him having planned it, Spencer is a one-person fanboy of Jazz, the girl he affectionately calls "Shoegirl". She's nothing at all like the bitchy girl he's taken to nicknaming "Princess", otherwise known as Parker, best friend to the daughter of his and his cousin's new client (got all that?). But wait! Major plot twist, tweeps: Spencer's Shoegirl happens to be Princess. She knows what's going on--although she's rather confused by it all--but he doesn't? Prepare yourselves for bashing, both the online and offline variety, and yes, some snogging and all the sexy bits as well, because this is so not your average romance, British or otherwise, and we've all got author Kerry Heavens to thank for this juicy gem.

Okay, so Spencer is officially the first Kerry Heavens-penned book I've ever read, although it isn't the first one I've ever bought. Nope, that honor belongs to Just Human, which I bought along with its sequel, Still Human, when they went on sale on Kobo quite some time ago. I'm a book hoarder, so yes, I buy a hell of a lot of books and it takes me way longer to get to actually reading them. But I made time to read Spencer because I decided to sign up for the blog tour for the sequel, Will. Yup, it took a blog tour to get me to finally read a Kerry Heavens book and it wasn't even the book I first bought. Major SMH moment but it's been known to happen. Anyway, can I just say that the title of the series--Not Your Average British Romance--is as apt as you can get because there's nothing average about this, and I'm not just talking about the word "average" as meaning "typical". This was an extraordinarily snarky read, one with a lot of bitching and sniping. It's a mix of enemies-to-lovers and enemies-with-benefits, so you can imagine all that tension going on--the good sexual kind and the burst-a-vein-in-irritation kind--between structural engineer, Twitter heartthrob, and selfie-holic Spencer Ryan and Jasmine Parker, manager of a company selling kitchens, amateur chocolatier who should open her own shop, and somewhat stalker of one Spencer Ryan.

From the tweets and DMs Spencer and Jazz exchange to their confrontations, complete with insult-slinging and a bit of chocolate-smearing, the barbs and biting back and forth truly is the foreplay that exists between these two. Their thoughts and feelings are intense and it's clear that they truly are confused by the actions and corresponding reactions that occur, not even mattering if they're within touching distance of one another. That connection exists but they're so confounded by what's happening that they don't necessarily handle things with a heck of a lot of maturity or discernment. I get why Spencer was pissed when he found out Jazz was Parker because who wants their fantasy girl to be the same girl he can't stand to be around? Was it deception on Jazz's part? Well, maybe not necessarily "deception" at its most negative, but yes, she did keep the truth from him and pretended to not know him. But see, even with all that going on, these two couldn't stay away from each other, and reading about how they couldn't resist the temptation the other represented made for some satisfyingly steamy moments. Of course, there's more to Spencer and Jazz than whatever perceptions and assumptions they may have of one another, and getting to know them both made them that much more irresistible to read about. Five-plus stars for THE Spencer. ♥

I look at her, reaching out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. Moving close to her, I look into her eyes. My heart pounds in my chest. She takes my breath away. I've spent so long dealing with what happens to me when I let myself feel, that now I can't remember how to tell someone what they mean to me. I know how I feel about her, but we need to take things slow.

Date Read: 06 November 2016

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