Review: Snow & Secrets by RJ Scott writing as Rozenn Scott

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Snow & Secrets is the third and latest addition to the Stanford Creek series from Rozenn Scott, which is the pen name of author RJ Scott, and is the first M/M story in the series, featuring Garrett Campbell, the middle sibling in the Campbell brood, and Tyler Hart, member of the Hudson Hart pop trio. Garrett was introduced in the first book, Notes & Roses, as one of two of Megan Campbell's brothers, and briefly appears though mentioned several times in the second book, Love & Hope. On the other hand, Tyler was mentioned as part of the same group that the two male main characters from books one and two--Cody Brennan and Danny Hudson, respectively--used to belong to.

Though his siblings are living their lives in their hometown of Stanford Creek, Vermont, Garrett Campbell travels around the world, thanks to his job as a pharmaceuticals representative...except he isn't one. Garrett's actual occupation as a translator for the government requires him to keep secrets from his family and friends. But when Garrett loses a close friend and ends up badly injured during their last mission, he returns to Stanford Creek to spend some downtime in his brother's cabin, a cabin he discovers he has to share with someone else. Upon learning that the extra guest is none other than pop star Tyler Hart--the same Tyler Hart that Garrett has a crush on--Garrett wonders if he can make a fantasy or two come true and keep a promise he made to the friend he lost.

Tyler Hart is used to the attention that comes with being famous. Unfortunately, the attention that he's been getting has been from the release of a sex video that has gone viral and one that he had no idea was being taken. He appreciates the support he's gotten from his twin Zach, but maybe taking some time off to get away from all the media attention will be good for both of them. When he gets to the cabin of his friend Cody's girlfriend's brother, it turns out that he's got a roommate in the form of Garrett Campbell, who proves to be just the right kind of distraction Tyler needs. As they spend day after day with each other, Tyler and Garrett become closer and far more intimate. But Garrett is keeping secrets that could end up bringing unwanted elements to the cabin doorstep.

I liked the suspense thriller of this new installment to the series, what with Garrett working for the government and all. His story with Tyler is the kind that those of us who have celebrity crushes could only dream of. There's a connection between them but it's one that's fostered during their time together in the cabin and not a case of insta-love. Aside from the suspense and romance elements, this book highlighted the importance of family and how the support both Tyler and Garrett get from their respective siblings are able to keep them grounded and centered. I hope Justin Campbell's story is up next, followed by Kyle Mercer's. I'm giving Snow & Secrets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 18 November 2016

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