Review: Romancing the Wrong Twin by Clare London (Dreamspun Desires #21)

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Ah, twins and one pretending to be the other. I'm a longtime fan of The Parent Trap (the original one with Hayley Mills, not the reboot), so I'm always up for a story involving twins and the shenanigans they end up getting into. In Romancing the Wrong Twin by Clare London, the twenty-first addition in the ongoing, multi-authored Dreamspun Desires series from Dreamspinner Press, playwright Aidan Vincent reluctantly agrees to do his twin a favor: take his place by pretending to be him and go on a date with mountaineer Dominic Hartington-George. The catch is that Aidan may look like his brother by Zeb but they're completely different in terms of personality, with Aidan being more quiet and reserved preferring anonymity unlike his far more outgoing, supermodel twin, who goes by the stage name Zeb Z, so pretending to be him is no easy task. Things get even more complicated when Aidan finds himself falling for Dom, but does Dom want the real Aidan or the Aidan pretending to be someone else altogether?

We've got Grumpy and Bashful--Dom and Aidan--thrown together for a bit of publicity, but Bashful is supposed to be Happy--Zeb--and for those of you who don't get the whole Grumpy, Bashful, Happy thing, they're three of the seven dwarfs from that famous Disney movie. Dom and Aidan were an interesting pair to get to know and they seemed to fit really well together, because even though Aidan was pretending to be his brother, the truer parts of his personality couldn't totally be kept hidden and so it wasn't as if Dom was falling for Aidan as Zeb. The romance was cute, but it was Aidan's relationship with his brother that I found myself liking most. These two were there for each other when it counted most, and there was always this protectiveness and this desire to see the other fulfilled and happy that made them such a refreshing change from the far more usual siblings who have the whole rivalry thing going. All in all, Romancing the Wrong Twin was a fun, frolicsome read and one that garners four stars. ♥

Date Read: 11 November 2016

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