Review: A Promise Ignited by Anissa Garcia (Promise #1.5)

A Promise Ignited is a short story written by Anissa Garcia and is part of the multi-authored Alphas of Sin anthology. Since this story is also part of the author's Promise series, well, there was simply no way I was going to miss out on reading it. This review is only for the Anissa Garcia-penned tale, although I do plan on reading the rest of the stories in the anthology when time permits, especially with a talented selection of authors who took part.

There's no denying that Jaime Caldwell loves her husband Dean and their six-year-old son Jake. But the spark that used to be ever-present in her marriage seems to have fizzled out and Jaime isn't sure why it happened or what she can do to get Dean to look at her with the same fire that was in his eyes before. When she decides to take a break from life as she knows it, will it lead her to a temptation from which there may never be any turning back?

Funny how, as I was finishing A Promise Made, the second full-length novel in the series, I thought to myself that a novella for Dean and Jaime would be a great addition to the series. This was short but damn was it steamy! Jaime and Dean's marriage is at a turning point and the decision that Jaime has to make could make or break them. If you're a fan of Anissa Garcia's writing as much as I am, you'll want to read A Promise Ignited. Five out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 17 November 2016

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