Review: Her Last Love by H.C. Bentley (Small Town Hearts #1)

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Small Town Hearts is a small town romance series written by H.C. Bentley and starts things off with a second chance romance between Lynn Johnston and Carter Mathis, once very much in love but whose relationship abruptly ended when Carter broke off their engagement after what he believed was Lynn's lack of commitment to setting a date for their wedding. Years have passed and they've both led their separate lives, but when Lynn's time in the Army unexpectedly before anyone ever expected it to, she returns home. Crossing paths with Carter is inevitable but does that mean falling in love with him once more is inevitable as well? Being in two different branches of the military was a complication in itself eight years ago, but with a soon-to-be ex-wife and two young sons, Carter'll need to show Lynn that they were each other's first love and could be each other's last love as well.

I do love discovering a new whose writing somehow clicks with me. I'm not an overly picky reader; I'll read almost anything, whether fiction or non-fiction. But there has to be something that connects with me, and Lynn and Carter's second opportunity at discovering just how much they were still in love with each other connected quite well. Of course, there were more complexities they had to face this time around, what with a spiteful estranged wife who was blaming Lynn for the state of her marriage to Carter and two boys caught in the middle of it all. Carter also finds out that Lynn has her own burdens that she carries with her during their time apart. So no, there's nothing simple about what these two will have to deal with...except for one thing: that the love they feel is still very much there. This was a love story about discovery and re-discovery, and it was rather beautifully told by H.C. Bentley. But it isn't just about romantic love; this was also about love for family and love for friends and enduring the loss of someone significant. Her Last Love was a 4.5-starred read and it's put H.C. Bentley on my author radar. ♥

Date Read: 04 November 2016

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