Review: Freckles by Amy Lane

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Carter didn’t need a magic carpet, or a backbone transplant, and apparently his soul was just fine as it was. But oh, how he really needed to be the sort of man who could keep someone like Sandy in his life.
The sort of man who could care for a small dog.

A dog, the holidays, and two guys who find love when they least expect it? Yes, please! Freckles checked off everything on my must-haves in a holiday romance with the added bonus of this being an M/M romance AND having a four-legged scene-stealer who wasn't added into the mix for mere decorative purposes. You see, Freckles, aka the dog formerly known as Tuffy and who wasn't quite the part-Samoyed, part-Chow that he was touted to be (think more part-Shih Tzu, part-Chihuahua), is the adorably furry catalyst of change in the life of overworked and underappreciated lawyer Carter Embree, who finds himself the unprepared but willing-to-learn new owner of said dog. Carter has himself an ally in the form of Alexander "Sandy" Corrigan, one of the vet techs at the Banfield Pet Hospital and veterinary medicine student. Carter may not have much faith in his capabilities to be a good enough pet owner, but Freckles and Sandy do, and soon, Carter gains more confidence, not just in caring for his pet, but in his career. Can Carter convince himself he's worth having it all--the dog, the career, and a boyfriend named Sandy?

I adored this feel-good story! It was the perfect read for the holiday season--which officially began over here on September 1st--and I'm a sucker for a sweet story that involves a dog and how it changes the life of whoever happens to be taking care of it. I'm more of a medium-sized dog--my dog Oliver is about the size of a Border Collie--but I have a thing for dogs (and cats) in general, so Freckles won me over from the moment she was shoved into Carter's arms. It was easy for me to relate to some of Carter's struggles as both a pet owner and with his career. I seriously wanted to give the guy a hug more than once. But Sandy was that source of positive reinforcement that he needed. This also had a great cast of characters, all of whom seemed to have their own share of one-liners that made them memorable in their own little ways. In a world where too many people have a bad habit of thinking "It's just a dog!" this book warmed my heart because it showed that there are those who care and recognize that our pets are more than just animals. They're part of our family and our very lives. I'm giving Freckles five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 16 November 2016

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