Review: Fling by Jana Aston (Wrong #2.5)

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Awww! This novella was just that dose of cuteness that I needed on this Tuesday. Jana Aston has given readers an office romance that starts off with a personal assistant who answers a sex survey slash quiz that ends up in the hands of the very man she's been crushing on from the moment she meets him. Unfortunately, said man happens to be her boss's best friend, is the chief financial officer of the company she works at, has a thirty-five percent stake in the company, and is her best friend's boss. He also happens to be very much out of her league. But once Gabe Laurent realizes that the piece of paper in his pocket belongs to none other than Sandra Adams and he suspects that maybe she isn't as sweet and innocent as he once thought, he's intrigued. With friends on the sidelines already meddling, Sandra and Gabe aren't entirely sure if what they have is a fling or the start of forever...

I'm a John Hughes fan, so the nod to the late, great director's 80s classic Sixteen Candles had me grinning like the fangirl that I am. I didn't care that Gabe was thirty-five and Sandra twenty-six. Adorableness like that knows no age and it felt like the right touch to add something like it to this lighthearted story. Sandra's efficiency and professionalism usually end up on the wayside whenever Gabe's around, and she tends to become a tad flustered and anxious, but I so related because isn't that what often happens when you're crush is around? I liked how sure of himself Gabe usually was...that is, until he crossed the line between professional and personal, and then he seemed a tad lost when it came to how to handle Sandra. I loved the scene-stealer that is Preston, who was--yep, I'm using a derivative of that word again--adorbs, just like the rest of the book. I'm giving Fling five out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 01 November 2016

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