Review: Daring Fate by Megan Erickson (Silver Tip Pack #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

When one of my favorite go-to authors announces that she's writing a new novel--and a series starter at that--and that it's an a genre she's never published in before, getting up on my feet and dancing around my home office is a must. That's what happened when Megan Erickson let members of Meg's Mob know about Daring Fate, the first book in her Silver Tip Pack paranormal romance series. And did I mention that it's an M/M? Umm, hello?! Yes, effing, please! I've read more than my fair share of paranormal romances, but this introduced a new thing or two to the world of shifters, and it left me wanting much more of the Silver Tips and the stories that they have to tell. This was a series starter that it's job and did it well, introducing readers to a cast of intriguing characters, creating a world that combines shifters with the undead, and enough interest to make you crave to learn a hell of a lot more.

Originally part of the Whitethroat Pack in Astria, Reese and his family made the trek to Eury after Noweres came and ravaged the only home they'd ever known. Instead of finding protection with the Bluefoot Pack, Reese's life is changed forever when he and his younger siblings are enslaved. For ten years they suffered, but Reese wants his siblings to be free of the tyrannical rule of Bluefoot Alpha. Unfortunately, their attempt to escape is foiled and Reese is beaten severely and left for dead at the hands of any Noweres wandering outside Bluefoot territory. Rather than end up with Noweres, however, Reese and his younger brother Jude end up with the Weres of the Silver Tip Pack, led by their Alpha Dare. To complicate matters, Dare and Reese immediately realize they're each other's True Mate. Reese may be tied to Dare, but he still has a sister to go back for. Can he risk his mating for her?

Dare has heard about True Mates but never thought he'd have one of his own, and he never expected his mate to be a werewolf. They're being two different species adds layers of complexity to an already unknown situation. Reese isn't as submissive as Dare's other partners in the past, and Dare finds himself oddly intrigued by the feisty little wolf. The pull to his True Mate is unlike anything he's ever experienced before, but Dare needs to be cautious. He and Reese know nothing much about each other and he knows Reese doesn't trust him or his pack, not after his experience with his last one. With a cousin being insubordinate and chomping at the bit to challenge him, Dare cannot show any sign of weakness. The pack has always come first for Dare. That's how it is as an Alpha. But Reese is a game-changer for Dare. Can he convince his mate that he has his place in the pack or will fate intervene again?

Werefore, erm, wherefore art thou, my Werewolves, Weres, and Noweres? Why, right here in the world that Megan Erickson has created in that ingenious mind of hers. I was so freakin' fascinated by everything this book had to show me and I went for it, hook, line, and sinker. The relationship between Dare and Reese evolved from its tense and distrustful beginnings to the kind that exemplified the kind of intense tenacity I pictured in my head as far as a True Mating was concerned. When these two give in to their baser instincts, it's always hot and I'm bothered in the best ways possible. But this story is also about family, both the kind that ties you through blood and the kind that you find with the right pack. It's also about home and what it means to you--is it a specific location or more of a concept or idea? For a first foray in paranormal romance, Daring Fate is a five-starred effort. ♥

Release Date: 14 November 2016

Date Read: 13 November 2016

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