Review: Breaking Cage by A.J. Pryor

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Breaking Cage is a romantic suspense standalone written by A.J. Pryor and is about Derek Cage, twenty-eight, the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and the son of a prominent senator, and Hannah Black, mid-twenties, a journalist writing for the Century in Rewind, and assigned to cover football, a sport she knows nothing about, and to get an exclusive on The Rage, aka Derek Cage. Derek is known for his football talent, his anger issues, and the fact that he doesn't grant interviews, making Hannah's job even more difficult. But he takes an immediate interest in the woman who clearly has little to no knowledge of the sport she's writing about. She has a way of asking sometimes playful, often mundane questions before hitting Derek with the kind of question that has him immediately cutting any further conversation with her for the time being. Hannah's already intrigued by the professional footballer, but the eleven-year-old rumor about his role in the murder of his high school girlfriend has Hannah digging deeper. But is it because she wants to learn the truth that'll absolve Derek or to prove him guilty?

This was my first A.J. Pryor read and it was certainly an interesting one, and I mean that in a positive way. I liked the chemistry between Derek and Hannah. They had this push and pull and while Derek knows he should stay away from her because of her job, he can't seem to resist her charm. Another plus is Derek isn't your typical athlete. He doesn't seek the spotlight, isn't seen with women, and doesn't grant in-depth interviews, but he's constantly underneath that glare what with his job and his father's political connections and the Cage family legacy. I liked how Hannah refused to kowtow to any of the men who were constantly doubting her ability to do her job simply because she was a woman or saw her as nothing more than a nuisance or a distraction. I really liked the romance aspect of the book and the mystery suspense part was pretty good as well. I figured out who was behind the murder of Lily Harold, Derek's first love, but talk about being blown away by all the secrets that were being kept from poor Derek. Overall, Breaking Cage satisfied my desire for both romance and suspense. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 14 November 2016

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