Review: No Reservations by Kristen Proby (Fusion #4.5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the publisher via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Kristen Proby's Fusion is quite possibly my favorite series from the author. It's highly addictive and each novel has left me quite sated every single time. With the pending release of the fifth, and I believe final, novel next year, the novella No Reservations is like the perfect palate cleanser, with just a hint of the restaurant owned by the original five female main characters while giving readers the sassy and sexy romance that the series is known for. It's sort of an enemies-to-lovers story but with a whole lot of underlying attraction belying that dash of animosity lingering between twenty-nine-year-old Maura Jenkins, a fifth grade teacher, and thirty-one-year-old Chase MacKenzie, who co-owns a wine touring company alongside his older brother Ryan MacKenzie, whose story was told in the third book, Blush for Me, along with Katrina Meyers, well known as Mac and Kat, and where Chase was first introduced.

When Maura is set up on a blind date by her new friend Kat, the last person she expects to be paired with is Chase, Mac's brother and the very same guy who's repeatedly asked her out whenever their paths would cross during wine classes and winery tours and whom she's turned down every single time. Sure, he's all hot and gorgeous, but the guy's got a reputation and while Maura may not be looking for a committed relationship right now, the last thing she wants is to be one more notch on Chase's bedpost. But there's no resisting Chase once the opportunity to give in to their mutual attraction. It's just one time after all, right? But then one time becomes two and then three and then...more. They don't even like each other all that much. However, the more they get to know one another, the more it seems as if they're perfect for each other. Can two people who don't believe in love and happily-ever-after find both in one another or will their reservations about commitment sabotage their love story?

Maura and Chase were a blast to get to know and fall in love with in this short but sweet and sexy read. This novella was like a fine glass of wine--just enough to give you a buzz without dulling your senses. Maura and Chase may not have outright hated each other, but it was clear that Maura's opinion of Chase wasn't all that great. I liked that he opened himself up enough so that she could begin to see that maybe she had been wrong about him to a certain degree. I appreciated the author's efforts in making sure that while neither of our main characters were outright part of the original Fusion family, they still had a story that was both appetizing and satisfying. They may not be the typical hero and heroine when it comes to what they envision for themselves and their future, but I think that that's what made them such standouts for me. Maura wasn't trying to fit into the mold of the five women who make Fusion and neither was Chase trying to be just like his brother. No Reservations was a book I devoured within an hour, having enjoyed it and getting me ready for my ARC read of Savor You. This gets five stars. ♥

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Release Date: 05 December 2017

Date Read: 03 December 2017

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