Review: Blush for You by Kristen Proby (Fusion #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by HarperCollins via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Blush for Me is the third novel in Kristen Proby's contemporary romance series entitled Fusion, most of which is set in a restaurant and wine bar called Seduction co-owned by five best friends--Addison Keller nee Wade, Camilla Palazzo nee LaRue, Katrina Meyers, Riley Gibson, and Mia Palazzo--in Portland, Oregon. Book three is about Kat, Seduction's very own wine bar manager, and she's been tasked by her friends to take some time out during her wine tour in Napa Valley for a "sexcation". Unfortunately, getting to Napa requires her to actually get on a plane, something she's never done out of her very real fears that something bad may happen. But she finds surprising comfort in her seatmate named Ryan MacKenzie, who is actually headed for the very same event in Napa. He's reason enough for Kat to embark on her staycation, but they both make it clear that what happens in Napa, stays in Napa. Neither one of them is looking for a happily-ever-after...except they share an intense connection unlike any other. When Mac turns up at Seduction, is it the continuation of their hot affair or is it the beginning of more?

Can I just say how much I loved Kat? I thought she was an intelligent, gorgeous, and independent woman who wasn't afraid to show the world just how smart she was and how she owned her beauty. She was a very loyal friend and when she and Mac got together, she extended that loyalty as his girlfriend and even furthermore to his immediate family. I admit that there was a split second that I wanted to smack Mac when he was a tad too cocksure after showing up at Seduction unannounced, but I got that he knew that he wanted--needed--more time with Kat to explore just how far their connection went. If anything, their love story--and I'm talking about just their relationship and not anything else beyond that--was probably the most drama-free among the three stories in the series so far. There were no pretensions with these two, and they didn't hold back when it came to being together. This was such a refreshing change of pace, especially since there are countless books out there where the angst and heaviness is nearly palpable, to the point, at times, where it can be so damn suffocating and really depressing.

It was nice catching up with the two previous couples whose stories were already written about, but they weren't stealing away the spotlight from Kat and Mac. I'm also super curious about Mia and the mysterious Camden, who I honestly can't recall if he was ever mentioned in the first two novels. I wonder if she's going to be paired up with him, but it's pretty clear who Riley will be partnered off with, and a peek at Goodreads confirmed my suspicions. There's also a novella that'll be coming out after Riley's novel, which makes me antsy about finding out who it's about (there's no synopsis at the moment on Goodreads). I doubt it's about Mia since the woman deserves a full-length novel just like her friends. Whoever it may be about, I've already got these future books on my to-be-read list, courtesy of the fact that I've quite enjoyed the series so far and it's difficult not become attached to this group of girlfriends who share such a strong bond of friendship and find love along the way to the success they mete with their business. Blush for Me is sweet and steamy and even has a dash of suspense thrown in. It receives five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 07 March 2017

Date Read: 07 March 2017

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