Release Blitz: Never Again by Lilliana Anderson

Never Again
by Lilliana Anderson
Date Released: December 14, 2017

About Never Again
Not even a year after marrying the guy she'd thought was the love of her life, Cora Knowles is already requesting a divorce. To her recollection, philandering was not a part of her wedding vows, and she wasn't about to stand by while 'Sally from accounts' rolled about on her Egyptian cotton sheets. 

While trying to soothe her broken heart with copious amounts of cake and liqueur chocolates, her best friend, Olivia suggests that the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else. Problems arise when the one Cora 'gets under' turns out to be the son of the Director of Prosecution—her boss. Worse still, he's young. Younger than Cora originally thought, and younger than she's comfortable with. 

But, when the attraction is undeniable, Cora needs to decide whether she'll turn her back on the enigmatic Brandon Sharp, or take a risk and follow her heart, even though she promised herself she'd never do that again...

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An Excerpt from Never Again
“So, who exactly did you think I was flirting with?” Bran asked, stacking the boxes on the trolley, one on top of the other.

I looked down at the floor, feeling silly for getting jealous just because a tiny girl was giggling over him. “Penny,” I mumbled.

“Penny?” He laughed. “I did not flirt with Penny. For the record, I don’t flirt at all. You should know that better than anyone. If I’m interested in someone, I don’t waste my time flirting. I take.”

I shrugged. “She was giggling and she’s so small and adorable.”

“Not my type.”

“Penny is everyone’s type.”

“Not mine. I like curves and flesh. I want to hear a satisfying slap when my hand collides with your arse.” A thrilling shudder rolled over me. I hated the insecurity I felt because of Jack. Bran had pursued me. He was the one who had insisted on monogamy in the first place. I was being too sensitive.

“I’m sorry. I obviously have trust issues, and I got stupid jealous. I was out of line. Especially when I’m the one putting all the restrictions on this thing.”

Finishing with the boxes, he tipped the trolley back and grinned at me. “It’s OK. I kind of like you jealous.”

My teeth pulled my lip into my mouth, biting back the smile that was too eager. He shook his head and let out his breath. “Please don’t do that when we’re being watched by cameras, because all I want to do is pull that lip back out again and bite it myself. And where you’re concerned, I don’t have a lot of control.” I couldn’t even being to express how good his words made me feel. Even better, his actions backed them up.

“Something tells me we’re both having that problem.”

“It’s fun to be bad though, right?” He leaned on the trolley, bringing his face level with mine. My heart sighed at his smile. He was so damn beautiful to look at that it hurt.

Where was he eleven years ago? He could have saved me from making a terrible mistake with Jack if I’d met him sooner. No sooner than the thought entered my mind, the answer to it slapped me in the proverbial face and took my smile with it. Eleven years ago, Bran was a nine-year-old boy. What the fuck was I doing?

“Everything OK?” He narrowed his eyes, obviously noting my shift in demeanour. “If you’re worried about the absence of a condom, I’m clean, OK?”

“It’s not that—although you could have asked me first. You don’t even know if I’m on the pill.”

“I do know that. I saw the packet in your bathroom.” He tapped his head. “Good memory, remember?”

“Of course.” He was only nine when I was eighteen! “Listen, um…I think it’s best if you go up there without me. Tell them I left you here alone to get a coffee or something.”

Nodding his understanding, he turned the trolley toward the door. “I’ll say I was slacking off in the loading dock or something if I get asked why I wasn’t in here when they came looking. My father won’t be surprised to hear that.”

“Good idea,” I said in a rush. “I’ll be up in about ten minutes.” I glanced at my watch. “Actually, you’ll be gone by then.” It was nearing three.

His expression clouded. “I suppose I will.”

I held the door open for him then turned toward the loading dock to exit. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sure thing,” I heard him say as I walked quickly to my destination. The moment I got outside, I pressed the palms of my hands against my face, the reality of the mathematics running through my head.

When I was old enough to drive, he was only seven.

When I started high school, he was a toddler.

When I started school he wasn’t even born.

What was I doing?

What was I thinking?

About Lilliana Anderson

Bestselling author of the Beautiful series, Drawn, and 47 Things, Lilliana Anderson has always loved to read and write, considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer.

Australian born and bred, she writes New Adult Romance revolving around her authentically Aussie characters with all the quirks you’d expect from those born Down Under.

Lilliana feels that the world should see Australia for more than just it's outback and tries to show characters in a city and suburban setting.

When she isn't writing, she wears the hat of 'wife and mother' to her husband and four children.

Before Lilliana turned to writing, she worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities and communications before transferring to commerce/law at university.

Originally from Sydney's Western suburbs, she currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.

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