Review: Bring the Heat by L. Wilder (Happy Endings #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Bring the Heat is the second novella in the Happy Endings series, and after middle brother Seth's story in My Temptation, we now get that of the youngest Michaels brother, professional baseball player Tucker. Saddled with an injury that lands him on his team's disabled list, Tucker heads on back home to recuperate. Unfortunately, boredom gets the best of him, so he takes his oldest brother Colton up on his request to help him out with his little league team. He spies a young woman trying to teach a little boy how to hit a baseball, and there are two things he can't help but notice immediately: she's undeniably gorgeous, and she doesn't know a single thing about baseball.

College student Kaci would do anything for her brother Kaden, and with their father deployed overseas and their mother busy with work, she steps in when he asks her to help him better his baseball skills. What she doesn't know in terms of pitching and hitting, she makes up for support and enthusiasm, so she doesn't really appreciate it when some cocky pro baseball player points out how lacking her coaching is. But in the middle of her griping about how cocky Tucker is, she can't deny how hot the man gets her. She's never gone for the good-looking, bad boy kind of guy before, and risking her poor heart on someone like Tucker will lead to nothing more than a broken one. Right?

Two novellas in and this new series from L. Wilder has proven to be an interesting change of pace. I liked the tension between Tucker and Kaci, given that the story had a hint of enemies-to-lovers to it, although I use that label extremely loosely. They weren't really enemies, more of Kaci being wary about falling for a guy like Tucker and Tucker needing to return to his baseball career after a few weeks. This has a quick pace to it, but it doesn't necessarily feel rushed. Just like the novella before it, this one ends with a happy-for-now feel, and I think that that was exactly how everything should have played out. Short, sweet, sexy, and snappy, Bring the Heat gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 21 December 2017

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