Review: Gemini Keeps Capricorn by Anyta Sunday (Signs of Love #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via A Novel Take PR in exchange for an honest review.

Wesley licked his lip. “So we were dating?”
Lloyd’s laugh made his wet lip tingle. “Yes.”
“And I missed it?”
“I’m saying yes again, because I have to state the obvious from now on.”

I've loved the first two full-length novels and the two accompanying bonus epilogues in the Signs of Love series, but dare I say that Anyta Sunday's latest addition is my favorite? Maybe I'm a teeny, tiny bit biased because I'm a Capricorn, but Gemini Keeps Capricorn had me smiling, smirking, and sighing in absolute contentment by the time Wesley Hidaka and Lloyd Reynolds were basking in their love for one another and the future that was awaiting them. Seriously, I was grinning so much I was afraid my jaw was going to cramp and freeze in that position, and it would have totally messed with my reputation for being a grouch. But this novel? Well, I simply couldn't resist it!

Wesley Hidaka has lived in Williamson Hall for three years, which is the same length of time he's known the dorm's resident adviser, twenty-four-year-old graduate student Lloyd Reynolds. When he isn't trying to pretend to be interested in his undergraduate law studies and wrangling his younger brother Caleb into not skipping school so that he can get into the music school he wants to, Wes dedicates his time to flirting with Lloyd and breaking the rules that Lloyd studiously keeps in check. It's innocent and all in good fun, or at least that's what Wes tells his closest friends and brother. A Gemini and Capricorn isn't a love match for keeps. He and Lloyd can never be. Right?

I loved Lloyd. There was so much about him that I related to, and bonus points for his birthday being a day before mine. And then there was Wesley, who was so frustratingly clueless at times, but goodness, the guy's heart got to me. He loved his brother and was forgiving when it came to his mother. While he's right when he points out that a Cap and a Gem aren't the best love match on paper, you know what they say about opposites attracting? Well, Capricorns are always up for the challenge, and Geminis will keep us on our toes. This book also had one heck of a fantastic cast of supporting characters, helping to ensure Gemini Keeps Capricorn as 2017 keeper. Five-plus stars! ♥


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Date Read: 22 December 2017

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