Review: Scorpio Loops Virgo by Anyta Sunday (Signs of Love #2.5)

Three years together and Percy Freedman and Cal Glover are still as love as they always have been with one another. It's Percy's birthday and the tradition that Cal started three years ago is in full swing. Percy's free to open one gift, he's got a cake his cousin baked for him using one of their aunt's recipes waiting for him, and he has a mystery gift that he cannot open without Cal around. He only has three guesses, and each year, he's successfully figured out what Cal has for him. This year, however, he's distracted by something round and shiny. Something that mysteriously ends up gracing his finger. Okay, not so mysteriously, not with Percy wondering how Cal's grandfather's ring will look once he dons it. Now it's stuck, Cal's come home ahead of schedule, and Percy's frantic.

I adored the bonus epilogue Anyta Sunday had for Leo Loves Aries, the first Signs of Love book, which was entitled Leo Tops Aries. She's given the second novel, Scorpio Hates Virgo, its own bonus epilogue, Scoprio Loops Virgo, and there's no hate going on here, unless you count Percy getting caught with his hand in a rubber glove (yeah, no candy jar here). I love Cal's brand of romance and how he does it with simplicity and in the quiet, but damn, how it packs a romantic and emotional punch. If Percy hadn't scooped Cal up, someone else was bound to because hello, Cal is a catch. And Percy? He was quintessentially him, and I love how far he's come from the beginning of the second full-length SoL novel. Scorpio Loops Virgo is exactly what a five-starred epilogue should be! ♥


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Date Read: 24 November 2017

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