Review: Unraveled by Jennifer Dawson (Undone #2.5)

Note: This ARC was provided by CrushStar Media via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Unraveled in a novella in the Undone erotic romance series from Jennifer Dawson and features three couples: Layla Hunter and Michael Banks, who readers met in the first book, Crave; Jillian Banks and Leo Santoro, whose story was told in the second book, Sinful; and Ruby Stiles and Chad Fellows, who were supporting characters in the series starter. The story is mostly told from the three points of view of the female characters--save for the last chapter--as we see how one night at a new club owned by their friend, Brandon Townsend III, provides them with opportunities to push beyond their limits and comfort levels.

This was a short read, but one that gives fans of the series a look at how far Layla and Michael and Jillian and Leo have come in their respective relationships. There's a great deal of love and trust that's already there, but they test themselves and the integrity and stability of their relationships when they see just how far past their boundaries they're able to go. As always, author Jennifer Dawson brings together the right amounts of sex and eroticism with love and passion, making it clear that it isn't just about BDSM with these two couples. And, of course, there are also lighter moments to counterbalance the intense moments.

The return of Ruby and Chad to the series was a curious one, especially since it's clear that they're up next in the third full-length novel, Debauched. Chad was memorable as Layla's blind date in book one, and a guy as nice as him definitely deserves a shot at finding a happy ending. Ruby, too, was someone who stood out as Layla's best friend, and her interactions with Chad feel different from the ones between the first two couples. With the little we learned about them in Crave and her in this novella, it's looking like Debauched will be one very interesting read in April. Unraveled was a highly satisfying five-star novella. ♥

Date Read: 19 January 2016

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