Review: Manaconda by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott (Hammered #1)

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No one quite does rock star romances like the bestselling duo of Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott, and I'm an absolute fangirl when it comes all things Lost in Oblivion. Heck, I even did a silly dance when I received a Christmas card from the two because it had Nick Crandall's signature on it...and of course, Cari's and Taryn's as well. So, news that the series is going to end has me feeling forlorn, but with the introduction of a new series entitled Hammered--one that is touted as romantic comedy, so I'm going into it expecting more lighthearted fare compared to Lost in Oblivion's angsty but addictive drama--I have something to look forward to yet again. And with Manaconda, I do believe that this new series is off to one rockin' start.

Hunter Jordan wants the focus to be on the music his band Hammered produces and plays, but when an iconic magazine nicknames a part of his anatomy "manaconda", attention shifts and his well-endowed manhood is all people can seem to talk about. Sent to put the right kind of spin on the manaconda frenzy is PR specialist Kennedy McManus, and from the beginning, Hunter and Kennedy have the kind of chemistry that could be the makings of a legendary rock star romance or that of a PR disaster waiting to happen and taking everyone with it. There's a lot of flirty and outrageous banter between Hunter and Kennedy and the sex is hot, but there's also proof that there's an actual connection there, one that's more than just physical.

I've already come to expect cliffhangers from Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott, but the one found here isn't the kind that left me feeling frustrated. If anything, I'm rather excited to read how Hunter and Kennedy will navigate the ins and outs of a very public relationship and how, if anything, Hunter's past and the rest of the band will play into it. This series starter is a fast-paced, sexy, and fun read, and one that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend, regardless if you're already a fan of Cari Quinn's and Taryn Elliott's. The high jinks and outrageous situations Hunter and Kennedy find themselves in are as entertaining as the sweeter and sexier moments. Manaconda is a five-starred rock star romance that you should definitely check out. ♥

Date Read: 19 January 2016

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