Book & Author Spotlight: For Seven Nights Only by Sarah Ballance

For Seven Nights Only
(Chase Brothers #2)
by Sarah Ballance
Release Date: January 18, 2016
Entangled Lovestruck

About For Seven Nights Only
Kelsie Reed is over bad luck and bad men. Newly dumped, she’s now the pathetically single maid of honor in her sister's wedding—and her ex is the best man. But then a plumbing melt-down in her apartment sends her sexy neighbor running to her rescue. He’s got "serial dater" writ-ten all over him, which is unfortunate because the man is hot.

Sawyer Chase loves women, but settling down? He’ll leave that to his brothers, thank you very much. But when Kelsie confesses she’s a dating disaster and is about to become the laughing stock of her family wedding, Sawyer takes control. He's got one week to teach her how to land the man of her dreams, and he’ll do it on her terms: no touching, no kissing, and definitely noth-ing more.

But some rules need to be broken, especially when, for once, there’s something on the line worth fighting for…

Read my five-plus-starred review of For Seven Nights Only.

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About the Chase Brothers series
About Five Things I Love About You (book one) - Released: August 17, 2015
Five things to love about NYC. But she only needs one...

California landscape artist Estelle Donovan hates big cities. Between the grime, the smell, all the drab concrete, and the suffocating summer heat, how can anyone breathe? Housesitting her brother's New York apartment, complete with broken elevator and smoking air conditioner, is her kind of hell. It's only for two weeks, though. What could possibly go wrong?

Dumping a jar of pickles on the hot girl at the grocery store wasn't Crosby Chase's finest hour, nor was getting bitten in the butt by the demonic cat on her fire escape. But he is going to change her mind about his beloved city, damn it. In fact, if they could just make it five minutes without falling into bed, he bets Estelle he can find five things she'll love about New York.

Falling in love wasn't part of his plan. And with an entire country between them, Crosby realizes he doesn't need five reasons to make Estelle love New York.

He needs one big reason to make her stay...

Read my five-plus-starred review of Five Things I Love About You.

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About Sarah Ballance
Sarah and her husband of what he calls “many long, long years” live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when they’re asleep. She never dreamed of becoming an author, but as a homeschooling mom, she often jokes she writes fiction because if she wants anyone to listen to her, she has to make them up. As it turns out, her characters aren’t much better than the kids, but nevertheless, you’ll find her writing sexy contemporary romance for Entangled Publishing until they throw her out. 

Connect with Sarah
A Q&A with Sarah Ballance
1. How is For Seven Nights Only different from Five Things I Love About You? How are they the same?

Both books offer sexy, irresistible Chase men, but the similarities between Crosby (Five Things) and Sawyer (Seven Nights) largely end there. Crosby is a workaholic who was open to the idea of a relationship, but the logistics proved problematic. Sawyer is a playboy who wants nothing of a happily ever after, but he loves sex. Dating a woman who does want a relationship – but isn’t the least bit interested in having one, sexual or otherwise, with him – wounds his pride and really starts to screw with him. He has a huge amount of character growth, starting from a place where neither he nor his heroine want what the other has to offer, so it’s a deeper journey over the course of a full-length story. Crosby, on the other hand, is a sexy, lighthearted novella—not quite as bone deep, but not light on the feels…or the laughs. It’s my sincerest hope that readers will fall in love with them both. ☺ 

2. If you had seven nights to spend wherever and doing whatever you wanted, where would you spend them, what would you be doing while there, and why to both the where and what?

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of doing exactly that. ☺ My husband and I have a goal of showing the kids at least 48 of the 50 states, so once or twice a year we pack up the Suburban and the RV and hit the road. We visit National Parks, natural wonders, historical sites, and anything unique and awe-inspiring. (Seriously, eight of us – my husband and I and our six kids – in a car for thousands of miles and days at a time, and we all still like each other at the end. It’s such beautiful madness. LOL.) Anyway, to give a more specific answer, I’d love to revisit South Dakota’s Badlands National Park. Our last visit was right before the 2013 federal government shutdown, so we didn’t get to explore as thoroughly as we would have liked. I’m really looking forward to going back there, and when we do we’re having lunch in Hill City’s Bumpin’ Buffalo CafĂ©. My husband is still talking about the meal he had there almost 2.5 years ago.

3. Who or what inspired you to come up with the Chase Brothers series?

The idea for the first book, Five Things I Love About You, hit me because the characters are supposed to be ordinary people meeting under ordinary circumstances. And seriously, what is more ordinary than the grocery store? LOL. The idea that the brothers owned an HVAC company was one of the plot points for Five Things – getting Crosby into Estelle’s apartment – and the series just grew from that. Although oddly. Originally the first book, Five Things, was supposed to kick off a different series. When Lovestruck editorial director Heather Howland read the completed manuscript, she fell in love with the Chase brothers, and just like that, they had their own series. I’m not sure she’s forgiven me for doing that to her. *weak laughter*

4. How do you decide which order the brothers's stories will be told? With Crosby's and Sawyer's now told, who's up next--Liam or Ethan?

They’re going in order of age, although that wasn’t intentional. When I wrote Crosby’s story, Sawyer was the one in his face about his stupidity in letting Estelle go. That set Sawyer up to be next, and in both stories, the third brother, Ethan, had a unique perspective after losing his wife. So naturally he became book three, and I brought Liam into Ethan’s book, not just to drive Ethan crazy, but to set Liam up for book four. 

5. Which actors would you cast as Crosby, Sawyer, Liam, and Ethan Chase?

I honestly haven’t a clue. I don’t watch much TV (seriously, The Golden Girls is one of my go-to shows, lol) and I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a movie that wasn’t animated, so I’m clueless about anything Hollywood. I will say they have killer green eyes and blonde hair with natural dark lowlights with sort of a sexy, tousled bedroom look. (Yum!) Crosby is the workaholic, Sawyer the playboy, Ethan the serious one, and Liam has a lot of potential to be the troublemaker of the group. So you guys get to do the casting: who would you choose for the brothers? 

6. You write a wide array of sub-genres in the romance category. Which one is your favorite and why?

One of the biggest reasons I write is for the utter escape of it all, so to be able to lose myself in a story is gold. For that purpose, I love writing contemporary romance. Historical and suspense require research. Contemporary romance, I just fall in. It’s like sinking into a soft bed and burrowing between cool blankets. Or, erm, hot sheets. It’s bliss. Scorching bliss. LOL.

7. What words of advice would you give aspiring writers who look up to you?

Wow, that’s such a crazy, foreign thought! I still feel like the new, clueless kid. ☺ That said, if you want to write, WRITE. Write your butt off. Nothing will make you a better writer than writing, and when you need to recharge, READ. If you’re targeting a publisher or an imprint, get to know it. Study what they publish, and you’ll have an inside on what they want, especially if you want to write category romance. (And if there’s a secret weapon for getting your name out there, it’s definitely writing category romance. I’m looking at you, The Marriage Agenda, LOL.)

Thank you so very much for having me. It’s an honor to be invited to share your space for the day, and if anyone decides to spend the night with one of the Chase brothers, all the better. Ahem. ☺


Note: Thank you so much to Sarah Ballance for answering my questions with such wit and candor, and thank you to Debbie Suzuki for facilitating the interview.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me and the Chase men! It's such an honor to be here.

    1. You're welcome and thank you for answering my questions!

  2. Love the Chase men!! Looking forward to Ethan and Liam's stories. Great interview, Sarah.....


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