Review: Dazzled by Jane Harvey-Berrick

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Dazzled is a romantic comedy standalone novel from author Jane Harvey-Berrick that uses the best friends to lovers trope quite nicely. Set in the not-all-that-glamorous world of celebrity and film making, Miles is an actor who finds himself with an opportunity to make a name for himself with a breakthrough role in a movie in LA. Making the move from London to LA, to pursue his dreams, he quickly realizes that it isn't everything that it's cracked up to be and needs his best friend to keep him sane and focused. Now, Clare has had feelings for Miles for quite a while but hasn't really done anything about it. On the other hand, Miles has no clue that Clare wants him as more than a friend. Will being together in LA open Miles's eyes to the possibility of something more with Clare, or will it be too late by the time he finally realizes it?

This was a pretty good love story, one that made me smile a number of times in all the right places. I've always loved British humor, with that tongue-in-cheek approach and hints of snarkiness. Both Miles and Clare are likable lead characters, although you can't help but feel bad for Clare, who is clearly pining for Miles while he remains absolutely oblivious to her feelings. Yes, there were plenty of times Miles was simply begging to be smacked upside the head--and not because he was a bad guy but he was as sweet as could be--because you just wanted him to really see just how special Clare was, and that the perfect girl was right there with him all along. But then, that was the point of the story right? All in all, Dazzled was a lighthearted read and it being my first one from Jane Harvey-Berrick, I was happily satisfied. Four stars! ♥

Date Read: 27 January 2016

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