Release Blitz: Paper Airplanes by B. Harmony

Paper Airplanes
(Perspective #2)
by B. Harmony
Release Date: January 4, 2021

About Paper Airplanes
The silver screen has always been my gold standard of romance.
But sometimes you just need a change of pace.
Surely even I can handle a few months of casual fun without falling head over heels.
I’ll never know unless I push the envelope.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.
A quick job closer to home and then I’m out of here.
I have no intention of letting anyone clip my wings.
With the equivalent of Fort Knox around my heart, not even a sexy bear can tear it down, right?

Paper Airplanes is book 2 in the Perspective series. Featuring two men who most definitely do not understand how to navigate casual relationships, schoolyard forms of communication, meddling friends and family, a golden ball of fluff with a completely legitimate name, and a guaranteed HEA. Although this may be read as a standalone, the series is best enjoyed in order.

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An Excerpt from Paper Airplanes
I jerk awake to the shrieking “shine bright like a diamond” repeating continuously from my phone. Fuck me. I really need to learn how to put my phone on silent during the week. Tyler is going to kill me one of these days. Seriously, thirty-two is too early of an age to die from cardiac arrest.

I take a second to allow my heart rate to return to a reasonable pace before rolling over and reaching for my phone to silence his custom text tone. The screen lights up with a barrage of messages from him. I swipe open the screen and navigate to the messages icon to read what drama is in store for me today.

          Tyler Denison: *teddy bear emoji*

          Tyler Denison: Teddy Bear, are you awake?

          Tyler Denison: Wake up. It’s an emergency.

          Tyler Denison: Damon?

          Tyler Denison: Damon!!!!! Please…

          Tyler Denison: *crying emoji* *praying hands emoji* *crying emoji*

It’s physically painful to avoid rolling my eyes as I read the increasing dramatics of his text messages. I’m not entirely sure Tyler knows the meaning of the word emergency since he got engaged to Chance. They just recently set a date, and he’s already become the epitome of every bride you see on WE TV.

          Me: Tyler, it’s 4 a.m. What could you possibly need right now?

Immediately, my phone starts ringing in my hand, announcing an incoming call from Tyler. I swipe the screen to answer, “Hello,” my voice still rough with sleep.

“Oh, thank god!” Tyler cries. “I think Chance wants to call off the wedding.”

His sentence brings me out of my half-sleep state of mind. I was not expecting those words to pass through his mouth. There’s no way that’s true, but if I know Tyler like I think I do, he’s going to need some serious reassurance right now.

“I doubt it, but why do you think so?”

“I’m driving him crazy with all this wedding planning.”

“He’s not the only one,” I mumble.

“Teddy Bear, did you just sass me while I’m dealing with a crisis?”

About B. Harmony

B. Harmony is a Texas girl with SoCal roots with a penchant for rock music and happily ever afters. She began her journey as a romance author after spending a year as a book blogger and bookstgrammer in the romance community.

She has been writing on and off for years, but it’s taken a bit of “forceful encouragement” to finally press the “publish” button and release the words into the unknown.

Harmony lives in Texas with her husband, two children, and two fur babies. She spends her free time drinking too much coffee, swearing, and reading & writing while simultaneously watching baseball.

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