Review: The One that I Want by Piper Sheldon (Scorned Women's Society #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the Smartypants Romance.

There's a reason why the Scorned Women's Society series is my favorite from Smartypants Romance, and it's all thanks to Piper Sheldon's writing! Three books in, and my adoration for this series hasn't waned. The One that I Want is the third book, and there's a reason why title just happens to be super close to one of my favorite songs from the movie and musical Grease. Roxy Kincaid is moving on. She wants nothing to do with the life she left behind. She's no longer a biker chick and she most certainly isn't interested in any bikers. She has Jethro Winston to thank for that. She's focused on being a better version of herself and can't allow for distractions. Then one summer night has her crossing paths with Sanders Olsson. He feels like more, but he's a distraction she can't afford. He knows the importance of keeping his eye on the prize and is determined to show his best friend and business partner that he's someone he can rely on. What if the prize is a future with "the one", aka Roxy, and Fate throws Sanders a bone and all signs point to Green Valley?

Roxy and Sanders's story is as feel-good as it gets! I adored these two, and I so appreciated the fact that Piper Sheldon gave them this undeniable connection from the beginning but had their story play out as a slow-burn romance, allowing for them to truly build a better and stronger foundation as a couple. The title for this book is fitting, not only because the story is inspired by one of my all-time favorite movies and musicals, but because it's a reminder of the importance of being the truest, most honest-to-goodness version of yourself FOR yourself. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be better or more than what's expected, but those changes should happen because you want it, not because it's for someone else. Roxy and Sanders were absolutely perfectly imperfect, and they were perfect for each other. The One that I Want was the one that I needed. It garners 4.5 stars.


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Release Date: 23 February 2021

Date Read: 23 February 2021

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