Review: Inseparable by Sloan Johnson (Port Java #1)

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Inseparable is the first novel in Sloan Johnson's new series, Port Java, which is a café located near the university the main characters go to. This is a friends-to-lovers new adult (NA) romance about two eighteen-year-olds, Gabriel Brunner and Trevor Bruce. From the time they were in their mothers' wombs, Gabe's and Trev's lives were always meant to be connected. They were best friends who became boyfriends in their junior year of high school, but while Gabe is out to his parents, Trev isn't, making for a lot of secret get-togethers during their senior year. Heading to the University of North Carolina in Wilmington was meant as a way for them to finally be able to be together in the way that they wanted--without their overly protective mothers and actively watchful fathers around. At least that was the plan. Life in college doesn't exactly turn out the way either of them expected it to. Their relationship is still very much under wraps, and now, the stress of Trev's overloaded semester and Gabe feeling aimless. Everything seems to be changing, but will it pull Gabe and Trev closer together or pull them apart?

Friends-to-lovers is one of my favorite tropes, and with as far as the complexities when two people decide to cross the line between friendship and more, Johnson tells a compelling story. Gabe and Trev may have been together for more than a year before heading off to college, but that was a relationship kept in secret, so adjusting to now having the freedom to be more open isn't all that simple for them, especially Trev, who still isn't ready to tell his parents that he's gay AND that he's with Gabe. I got why there was this continuing hesitation from Trev. He didn't want to disappoint his parents, which is a common enough problem for any child, regardless of age. The characters and their parents seriously needed to communicate better.These two are entering a whole new world, and I appreciated that the author didn't sugarcoat the experience. There are quite a few things that happen off-page, which led to a wee bit of disconnect, almost as if the reader shouldn't be privy to the more intimate stuff (and I'm not necessarily just talking about the physical act of penetrative sex). Overall, Inseparable was a four-starred read. ♥

Date Read: 01 December 2017

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