Review: Home Fires by Kate Sherwood (Common Law #4)

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"Shhh." For the first time, Wade sounded almost gentle. "You're okay. You're an idiot and I'm going to kick your ass, but you're okay. Stay still."
"Wh..." Jericho honestly couldn't say whether that had been an attempt at Wade's name again, or one of the w questions: Where, Why, When, and definitely What the fuck?

This! This ending was everything I wanted and more from this series that grew on me more and more with each new book from Kate Sherwood. The Common Law romantic suspense series has reached its conclusion and it was better than whatever I could have dared conjure in my imagination. Jericho Crewe has already gotten used to having other federal law enforcement agents in his hometown of Mosely, Montana, some of whom seem to be itching to slap some charge on him, the sheriff--who also happens to be his closest friend--Kayla Morgan, or Jericho's not-quite-yet boyfriend--and suspected criminal--Wade Granger. Maybe it's time for Jericho to concede that being an under-sheriff--or any sort of law enforcement officer, for that matter--isn't the thing for him, but before he can actually formally resign, a threat unlike any other Mosely has seen before comes to town. The small-scale militia that's always been around? Well, it's gotten itself some major back-up. Wade is now pushing for Jericho to leave, but with lives at risk, Jericho may have no choice but to defend the very town he once left behind.

There's nothing negative for me to say about this series ender, other than I have those bittersweet feelings I often get when a series I've fallen in love with has come to an end. Jericho finally comes to a number of life-changing realizations in this fourth and final Common Law book, most of which do affect his relationship with Wade. After a lot--and I mean A LOT--of back and forth and hemming and hawing between these two, I was just glad that the progress they made in the third book, Darkness, continued here. Of course, that doesn't mean that these two just ride off into the sunset sans complications. They are, after all, Jericho and Wade and these two seem to be attract trouble as easily as a flame does a moth. But the resolution of every single pending issue was handled really well, and I confess that there was a point in the story where my heart gave a wee bit of a squeeze. You'll figure it out when you read the book. This had action, suspense, sex, and romance--Jericho and Wade style--plus the Mosely-patented quirkiness I've come to love. Home Fires gets five-plus stars and the entire series an average of 4.5 stars. ♥


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Release Date: 03 April 2017

Date Read: 01 April 2017

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