Review: Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Truly, Madly, Whiskey is the latest standalone novel from author Melissa Foster and is about Bear Whiskey, who should be familiar to readers of Foster's Tru Blue novel, which was released late last year. Bear is a man who knows what he wants, though in this case, it's about who he wants, and she's none other than Crystal Moon. For eight months, he's been patient, biding his time while figuring out how to make his move. He knows she's wary and skittish, and the last thing he wants to do is to give Crystal a reason to run as far away from him as possible. She also happens to be one of his closest friends, and he's sure that she wouldn't want to risk their friendship. But the time has come for him to finally press his advantage, and he intends to keep pushing until he makes her see just how perfect they are for each other. But Crystal's painful past is holding her back and there may no way to let go. Unless they're able to overcome that huge hurdle, there may not be a promise of a tomorrow for Bear and Crystal.

Oh, Bear... If you were a real life guy, I'd give you a hug because dude, your patience was above and beyond anything I'd ever seen before. To be completely honest, I wasn't a fan of Crystal's. I get it; she went through something traumatizing in her past and it's why she is the way she is. However, I think that she knew what she was doing when it came to Bear. She knew he was waiting for her to make up her mind about them, and instead of letting him go, she was never truly firm about her stance on him pursuing someone else because if she were truly honest with herself from the beginning, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. I loved that Bear was understanding and that he cared enough about Crystal to constantly check in with her every time he attempted something, but too much of anything is never good, and it got to the point where asking her if something he was doing was okay became tiresome. But I loved Bear and his perseverance, so four stars go to Truly, Madly, Whiskey. ♥

Date Read: 21 April 2017

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