Review: The Bohemian and the Businessman by Katy Regnery (Story Sisters #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via L. Woods PR in exchange for an honest review.

Bestselling author Katy Regnery's epic Blueberry Lane umbrella series is on to the next Philadelphia-based family living along the esteemed area--the Story Sisters. There are five Storys--Alice, Elizabeth, Margaret, Priscilla, and Jane--orphaned by their mother and left with a father who never cared for daughters, to the point of refusing to give them any important responsibilities in the family-owned company, instead hoping to pass those responsibilities on to his potential sons-in-law. We already got Margaret's story in Crazy for Cameron, which was part of the Winslow Brothers series, and this first one in the Story Sisters, The Bohemian and the Businessman, is set at about the same time. The Bohemian here is flighty and  Priscilla Story, and the businessman is Shane Olson, who happens to be the senior director of sales and marketing for Story Imports. Yes, this is the same Shane from Crazy for Cameron, so if you've read that third Winslow Brothers book, you're aware that he and Margaret were dating at the time. However, he ends up marrying Priscilla, and it's a marriage that they both know is convenient.

Finding out she was pregnant was supposed to be a milestone in Priscilla's relationship with her French boyfriend, only it's overshadowed by the discovery that said boyfriend was married with children. The last thing Priscilla needs is to inform her overbearing and controlling father that she's having a child out of wedlock, especially since doing so would cost her her trust fund, which she'll badly need for herself and her baby. So, when Shane's relationship with Priscilla's sister spectacular implodes, she comes up with a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of them. They marry for convenience, a marriage that will last only a year. She gets her trust fund at the end of it, thanks to one of her father's stipulations, and Shane will get the coveted promotion that Priscilla's father has reserved exclusively for men only. They set rules and deadlines, but the one thing neither Priscilla nor Shane expected to happen is something that seems to be out of their control--and that's their growing feelings for each other. But will their marriage survive when ambition and greed decide to put the pressure on Priscilla and Shane?

What a heartwarming beginning to a new series! I've read two out of three previous Blueberry Lane series--the Winslow Brothers and the Rousseaus, with the English Brothers waiting in the wings for me to get to them once time permits--and I've consistently been left satisfied with each story I've been privileged to come across. The Story patriarch has clearly been a jerk from the moment he was introduced in Margaret's story in Crazy for Cameron, and I pity his daughters for being saddled with such an abhorrent man for a parent. I loved Priscilla and how different she was from Margaret, though it's obvious that every single Story sister has her own personality quirks, so I'm looking forward to getting to know the three remaining ones. I think that Priscilla and Shane were made for each other, and while the "twist" regarding a little secret Shane is keeping wasn't too much of a surprise, the way in which Priscilla took care of it while making Shane still feel cherished and cared for made her even more endearing. Shane was a sweetheart who I totally fell for as well. The Bohemian and the Businessman gets five stars. ♥

Release Date: 28 April 2017

Date Read: 28 April 2017

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