Review: Aces Wild by Emmy Curtis (Elite Ops #1)

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Known for her Alpha Ops series, Emmy Curtis starts off her brand new series, Elite Ops, with Aces Wild, which is set in Las Vegas as top pilots for various air forces of different countries convene to go through the Red Flag training, composed of exercises that will push the capabilities of every single participant and confirm whether they remain at the top of their game or not. Still dealing with memories of his epic crash in Iraq, the Royal Air Force's top airman, Dexter "Ironman" Stone, needs to be more focused than ever if he wants to prove that he's more than recovered from the crash. He has no room for distractions, even if they do happen to come in the very distracting indeed form of US Air Force pilot Eleanor "Bees" Daniels, who has a thing or two to prove during Red Flag as well. She may share the same last name as her general father and they may both be in the Air Force, but she hasn't gotten to the high level that she's at because of nepotism. But Eleanor's attention wavers. Dex is a temptation, but there's something going on in the Las Vegas desert that she needs to figure out before the bad guys get rid of her.

This book started out really well and it was clear that there was a push and pull thing going on with the main characters, Dex and Eleanor. These two gave us good as they took, and they happened to also be quite excellent pilots who know they're only as good as they're last flight. I really liked the mystery-suspense element of the story, and I wish there had been more of it. It would flit in and out, whenever the romance part of the story wasn't in play, and the thing was, everything about the book felt choppy. It was almost as if, there wasn't much of a smooth transition in between chapters and scenes, so there were more than a couple of times, that it felt like reading whiplash. That's what makes me a tad disappointed, because while I don't expect a ton of clues being thrown at me in this first go, there were just these overly long lulls in between the more exciting parts of the book, so whatever clues were already bandied about were way in the back of my memory. This does end in a cliffhanger of sorts with as far as the series arc is concerned, so I'm hoping things improve with book two. 3.5 stars for Aces Wild. ♥

Release Date: 30 April 2017

Date Read: 28 April 2017

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