Review: Long Shadows by Kate Sherwood (Common Law #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Long Shadows is the first book in the four-part Common Law mystery suspense series penned by Kate Sherwood and released by Riptide Publishing. We're introduced to the series's hero, Jericho Crewe, who left his hometown of Moseley, Montana at seventeen. A decade and a half later, he gets a phone call informing him his father has been injured. When he gets there, his estranged parent isn't lying in a hospital bed recuperating; instead, Jericho is now confronted with the suspicious death of his father, a stepmother and two half-siblings he never knew about, his best female friend now the town's sheriff, and the guy closest to him fifteen years ago, Wade Granger, the prime suspect. When his half-siblings are kidnapped, Jericho turns to the one person he probably should not trust--Wade.

This was an intriguing introduction to this new series from Kate Sherwood. Fair warning: if you're only looking for romance and sex, you're not going to get either one in this series starter. What you do get is a backgrounder as to why Jericho left and stayed away from Moseley for as long as he did. There are peeks into what he shared with Wade and what his friendship was like with Kayla Morgan. Jericho is the hero and Wade the antihero, but there's a murkiness to those labels, especially when Wade's past proves he was as much of a troublemaker as his closest friend, who became more than a friend. While there is a resolution in this first book as far as the case of Jericho's father's is concerned, Jericho and Wade have a lot more story to tell in the series. Long Shadows garners four stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 January 2016

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